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Guest freeman

workaround to add trucks in full game.

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Guest freeman

The following is a workaround I found (source at end of post) for adding custom trucks to the full game.

-1. Install truck mod of your choice
-2. Navigate to "Spintires Installation Directory"\Media\classes\trucks\ and find the .xml file for the truck the mod replaces (such as uaz.xml, kamaz.xml, zil.xml, etc) and rename it to whatever you want (Personally, I rename to TYPE-"MODNAME" but do whatever you like) so it doesn't replace the original trucks from the full game.
-3. Move renamed XML file to a separate folder called "ST14-trailers" or whatever you want, but make sure you have some means of identifying these files as trailers. Make another folder known as "ST14-trucks."
-4. Open said XML file and search for "gamedata". The word gamedata will have a "<" and a ">" on either end of it and sometimes there will be other data in there as well. After the ">" of Gamedata, create a new line and paste the following:

<InstallSocket Type="UralCartTrailer" Offset="(7.01; 0.36; 0.0)" />

-5. Next search for "truckdata" and replace "TruckData" with "TruckData1" - There should only be two instances.
-6. After the second truckdata which should now read as "</TruckData1>" add the following:

    SensationOrigin="(1.56; 2.38; 0)"
    SensationSize="(1.14; 0.9; 0.7)"
    <TrailerConstraint _template="Default" />
    Offset="(1.50525; 1.96228; 0.0)"
    <EngineIdle Sound="t150k/engine_idle" />
    <EngineLow Sound="t150k/engine_low" />
    <EngineHigh Sound="t150k/engine_high" />
    <EngineHeavy Sound="t150k/engine_heavy" />
    <EngineStart Sound="t150k/engine_start" />
    <EngineStop Sound="engine/maz_stop" />
    <EngineRev Sound="engine/kraz_rev" />
    <EngineTurbo Sound="t150k/engine_turbo" />
    <Reverse Sound="engine/kraz_reverse" />
    <BrakePull Sound="truck/brake_pull" />
    <BrakeRelease Sound="truck/brake_release" />
    <Handbrake Sound="t150k/handbrake" />
    <ExhaustStopTime Value="4.0" />
    <Exhaust Origin="(1.83; 3.3; 0.0)" Velocity="(1; 4; 1)">
    <Steam Origin="(2.4; 1.22; 0)" />
    Size="(6.0; 3.8)"
    Size="(6.0; 2.9)"
    Size="(6.0; 2.9)"
    Size="(6.8; 3.3)"
    MaxAngle="(0; 2; 2)"

-7. Finally search for "vehicleconstraint" and replace "VehicleConstraint" with "VehicleConstraint1". There should only be two instances.
-8. This file is now complete. Save to ST14-trailers folder and save an additional copy in the ST14-trucks folder that you created earlier in step 3.
-9. Open your XML copy from the ST14-trucks folder and remove the "1"s that you added to the original truckdata and vehicleconstraint values and add a "1" to the second set of truckdata's that you added earlier.
-10. Save this XML in the ST14-trucks folder. Do not overwrite the ST14-trailers copy. Also, make sure both files have the same name. If you decide to change the filenames make sure they match. This is why they are separated into folders.
-11. Close Spintires and clear your texturecache, meshcache, and shadercache. If you don't know how then please google/search for it.
-12. Copy your ST14-trailers XML file to "Spintires Installation Directory"\Media\classes\trucks\
-13. Start spintires, attach mod trucks as trailers to stock trucks that have the ural cart hitch (zil and uaz don't work for this), and decouple "trailer."
-14. Close spintires and copy your ST14-trucks XML file to "Spintires Installation Directory"\Media\classes\trucks\ overwriting the trailer version.
-15. Start up spintires again and enjoy. Please note that if the truck was not left in a garage area it will need to be refueled or towed into the garage area.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/notes/spintires-2014-add-new-cars-not-swap/en-instructions/290778227794572

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