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Summary:- Hardcore mode renamed to 'Realistic', new hardcore has non-negotiable starting trucks
Type:- Game Mode
Description:- Lots of the developers' hard work goes unappreciated because no one has any reason to use it. For example, the B-133: why use it when you can just change it to the B-131 or B-157? So, I think that in Hardcore mode you should not be able to change the starting trucks. To appeal to people who like to change the trucks but still play Harcore, rename the existing 'Hardcore' mode to something like 'Realistic'. This way, players can choose to challenge themselves by playing the true hardcore mode (and maybe get some new achievements wink wink nudge nudge) or just play some good old hardcore mode with their favourite trucks.
Benefits:- Incentive to use every truck, can be replaced by better system in future (campaign mode?)
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Some people may not understand the changes, so perhaps have more clear details on what each mode is, specifying that the Realistic mode used to be Hardcore mode.



[EDIT]: This is a similar idea to Varwulf's back in 2014, however they have done it in much more detail and added new things:


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You could go one step further with this 'Hardcore' business and make it so that the player cannot change the addons of their truck, except for garage attachments. A development challenge with this is that you will have to make sure the map is actually completable (at least 1 crane and log carrier), but not too easy (don't spam C-255s). This would make each map unique and fun in the way it is played, and will coax interesting new strategies out of players.

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Summary:- Damage system improvement.
Type:- Gameplay, affected by Difficulty Level.
Description:- There is an idea of tweaking the damage system. Since I am not familiar with engine limitations in this aspect, I've prepared two versions, one basing on my wishful thinking, the other one built around the already implemented damage model. Idea centers on more advanced repairs and maintenance, not bound by simplistic "health bar" and "medkit" design. It also allows to simulate ease of maintenance and vehicles simply wearing out when used.

1. Wishful thinking variant.

The idea would revolve around introducing categories of vehicle elements, that can be damaged - engine, steering, suspension, fuel lines, brakes, wheels, transmission, bodywork and so on. Each category would affect behaviour of damaged vehicle in different manner. Now, each of those conditions could be displayed into simple graph, similar to gearbox one we already have. When damaged, component would change colour, and each step of this destruction would lead to altering the properties of the vehicle, instead of loosing arbitrary "health points".

Here are some examples, besides damaged engine, since this effect is already in effect: damaged suspension would result in lower clearence, fuel lines would give constant loss of fuel, damaged brakes would prohibit the efficient braking, wheels could get flat or off-center, affecting speed and handling, damaged transmission would decrease gear ratio, shaft/diff/axle damage could reduce ability of diff-lock on certain axle, or to drive the wheels on it. Bodywork damage would remain cosmetical, as it is collateral damage to any major accident.

Maximal damage could lead to fatal malfunction assigned to the component. For example: critical failure of suspension would lead to it collapsing, failure of engine, as it is, would just prevent from firing up, gearbox malfunction would eliminate some gear or prevent of changing them, diff lock failure could set axle stuck in open or closed position, shaft failure could eliminate drive from certain wheels or axles, fuel lines broken would make engine stop or massive leak, steering damage would render vehicle irresponsive and so on. 

Point is: every component would affect what vehicle can do, or can't do in current condition, and would have different critical damage effect. 

Repair system would incorporate more complex approach - field repairs could affect some components more (as easier to fix in the field), and they would be more effective in simple cases. The complex or extensive damage could require special add-on, but this is and option. Field repairs would have an effect to a degree (let's say from red state to orange, or any other colour), while restoring truck to mint condition, or restoring critically damaged components would require visit in the garage. We could save the "repair points" system, but for example certain levels of damage, or complex components would require to use more of them. So there would be multiplier aspect: now 600 damage points cost 600 repair points from the utility box. In this variant, ratios could be different, depending on component state and difficulty of the repair.

Last, but not least, "minor damage" can occur as an result of wearing out, just randomly. It wouldn't be very big isse, and easily countered, but the vehicle could have this tendency to wear out under heavy load, in very difficult terrain and so on.

1. Benefits.

Trucks and other vehicles could be more or less prone to certain damage, making them more varied. Field repairs would not solve all problems. Some manouvers would be more risky. Game would require more tactical approach.


2. Using what we have.

This scenario tweaks already implemented system of damage, but is aimed to add some flexibility and variation as well, within already existing rules.

Health bar of our vehicle, when filling up with damage, can fill two kinds of colours - white (used right now for damage), that represents lost points, that can be repaired in the field, as it is now, red (used now as an indicator of major damage) - the points, that can't be fixed in the field, and can be restored only in garage. Every time we seriously damage our lorry, we earn some points that we are simply not able to restore by field repair. My guess is there should be some kind of balance between those two kinds of damage - I can safely assume, that around 30% of total points taken away could be beyond makeshift repairs. High damage would also set up worse ratio between damage points and repair points when using utility attachements (1:1,5 or 1:2 for example). Also, more complex, rare and harder to maintain lorries could start with different damage/repair ratio.

Vehicles could score randomly point here and there, due to wearing out, but it could be fixed right away. When extensively damaged, however, it could score some points, that would require garage repair instead of field one. Diff lock damage could on the other hand could be repaired only in garage.

Drive model of damaged trucks can be used just as it is right now, without any further complications. Maybe worse handling could start a bit earlier, but that's it.

Optional rule:

On already existing maps we usually have more than one garage. One of them could be main service station, able to restore our lorries to mint condition, while other garages could only get rid of the white points. They still would repair regular damage and allow to change add-ons. It would greatly encourege to unlock garages, because of the obvious benefit. Simple solution, yet bigger challenge.

2. Benefits.

This variant is simpler, using current system, while it still provides with more challenge. Ratio of getting different kinds of damage, mendable in field, garage or, optionally, main service station, could be different for each type or family of trucks, simulating their durability and ease of maintenance. Simple trucks could win out more capable, but hard to maintain ones. Vehicles we find on maps can be in dire condition.

Benefits:- This idea is based around few factors. First - we are using lorries, that are usually dated, ex-military or simply worn out. Secondly, they are used in harsh conditions, repaired in and are constantly put to test. Now we could also start with slightly worn out lorry, and vehicles found around can be in various conditions, leading to some more planning on what to restore and why. Lorries themselves would be more varied within already existing type, more prone to certain damage, harder or easier to maintain in the different areas. Even in more simple version, there is more to actual damage system, and it leads to some interesting decisions we have to face. Lastly, there is plenty of vehicles on the maps already, and it is hardly a challenge to win the map even if we start up with just a jeep. Now that could be more challenging.
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- I would hardly suggest that this options could be used in additional difficulty level, that would provide some more challenge. Personally I think second version of damage model is easier to implement, and closer to actual mechanics, so it would be just next step from hardcore level. Some players would enjoy additional difficulty level, while it would not force others to play in the way they don't find interesting.
References:- real life mechanics.

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Summary:- Lumber system improvement, 2 variants included.
Type:- Gameplay.
Description:- Here is an idea about tuning lumber and delivery system, two ideas actually. Since as for the time being there are no other cargo options than logs, I figured out a way to breathe some more diversity into already existing solution. First variant is more conservative, built around lumber capacity tweaking. Second step proposes slight overhaul in log distribution, and would require a little more work. Note, that those variants are more of a steps of variation, second one can be build on top of the first one.

1. Conservative variant.

Idea is to change lumber capacity. Right now each lumber needs 8 points of cargo, and that's it. However, it boils down gameplay to just taking one configuration of lumber truck and going around in circles.  Remedy to that could be as follows. Each lumber can have different categories of capacity, regarding the log type - for example X points of long logs, X points of small, X of medium. This would require to use different lorries and different add-on configuration. In the result, more emphasis would be put on trips to garage, as well as lorry choice.

2. More complex variant.

In the log kiosks we could recieve only long logs - tree trunks. They would need to be brought to lumber, that would house our log points. Then lumber would spawn short or medium logs, needed to satisfy sawmill demand. It would simulate cutting them down to needed length. Of course point value of the logs would be deducted from the lumber. Then we could proceed to the main sawmill, log storage or otherobjective that would have different log capacity categories to fill.

3. Optional features, thrown in just for flavor.

In this setup, there would be nice to have an add-on, that would be a dedicated crane loader. Not self-loading one, but rather bigger version, with wider anchors, that can be used on the vehicle planted near the log kiosk. It would help crane-less vehicles to be relevant. It would be also nice to see a new model for main sawmill building or depot, or just storage area, indicating that this is center of local operations.

Benefits:- Idea above should bring some more diversity to already existing levels. After introducing different log type demand, we will still be hauling timber around, but it will have some more purpouse. Two C-4310 or C-4320 runs with crane and medium log carriage (2x4 points) won't be an universal solution anymore. Multiplayer will be more interesting, as there will be more objectives to fulfill. Struggling with long logs will be relevant at last, because every combination of logs still requires two runs, and it is painful to haul long ones without any benefit over medium or short ones. B-133/Gya trucks that can carry 3 points of short logs on flatbed will be more unique. C-255 that can carry only short logs with crane will have some competition. Craned self-loaders won't be an ultimate solution, and it will be viable to take in account also craneless lorries in the field. Higher objective limits will be great especially when multiplayer will get save option. Main sawmill and lumbers spawning desired logs will change the balance of the game, forcing to use routs on maps, that aren't usually taken.
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Higher objective point value in multiplayer should be introduced with an ability to save game, otherwise finishing level won't be very often possible.
References:- Real life delivery chain.

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I suggest returning the old texture: tiles_beach__d_a.

For example, on version 1.4.5, the shore level, it looks like dozens of trucks have already passed through this place in different directions.



And this is an old texture in the same place, it looks more believable.



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Summary:- Skip night, slowly
Type:- Gameplay
Description:- If the player stops their truck at night and the driver goes into the sleeping animation, time moves a bit faster until the morning.
Benefits:- A more pleasant way to skip time than the clock thing. Also could work in hardcore mode.
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- Programming. Programming.
References:- IRL, other sim games such as ETS2 & ATS20200511122927_1.thumb.jpg.d4f53a8d7c33abe16c77b195fbd38be2.jpg

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Summary:- Skyboxes, possibly transitioning.
Type:- Graphics.
Description:- This one is simple idea - to give the game good looking sky. Right now there is no such a thing like clear, blue sky, clouds or sun. It would be great if paired with different light saturation (dependant on time of the day and weather), and restricting rain effects to more gloomy, cloudy periods.

Benefits:- Textured sky instead of brown-gray box we have right now. Possibility to introduce different light conditions and dynamic clouds. Possibility to define weather for every map for example: mainly cloudy and rainy in Aftermath DLC (it is set after violent rains and flood), mainly sunny and clear for Plains (it looks like a summer rather than autumn) and so on.
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:- It is not known to me, if introducing skyboxes and/or dynamic clouds is possible on this game engine.
References:- Real world. Also, in terms of mood created by weather, that is similar to ST - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series has decent weather transition patterns (static skyboxes are slowly fading in or out), with each area having own presets, dealed in percentage per day. Said series can also support weekly patterns, but I think it is beyond need in ST.

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Hello Oovee and everyone! Thank you for the wonderful game! After playing the game non-stop for a month, here is my idea:

Summary:- expert mode, for map replayability
Type:-  game mode/interface
Description:-  Allows you to choose the starting point (Garage1, Garage2, etc.), and all trucks on the map  (uses the same interface as for starting trucks (default truck -> replacement truck)). This mode unlocks for each map separately after the map is completed, all garages unlocked, all cloaking removed - same as "explorer" and "settler" achievements.
Benefits:-    increases replayability, motivates people to explore different routes, motivates people to use new trucks (from DLC, etc.) on old maps, motivates people to use old trucks on DLC maps (particularly Aftermath and Chernobyl allow choose only one truck). If implemented for map mods, also increases their replayability, thus benefiting the modder community.  I think, this mode, rather than making the game more "quest" oriented,  moves it more into the "sandbox" direction. Which is good, in my opinion. Finally, there is another benefit: no content changes required, no rebalancing required, only interface coding.
Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:-  some combinations of options will make map completion not possible, but it is exactly like the Flood map now. That's why the mode is called "expert". Solution: add a disclaimer.
References:-  see interface screenshot 


Spintires Screenshot M.jpg

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Summary:- Handful of gameplay ideas.
Type:-  Gameplay.
Description:- Below is list of few ideas, that could improve gameplay diversity. They are simple concepts, ment to add some variation, while not being overcomplicated at the same time. Below every position I also put existing mechanics that can be of use and further potential use for every idea. I'm writing them in one post to avoid spam.

1. Engine temperature.

This one is pretty simple. Engine would have some temperature spectrum. After startup, it could idle for a while to reach its optimal value. Few factors (being cold, climbing an incline, prolonged high RPM, heavy load), would make temperature rise. Overheating would lead to coolant boil and damage. Damaged lorry could boil faster. Idling engine turning it off for short time would set parameters to normal. Fording also could help to cool down.

Mechanics: same as with overheating the differential locks. Also, damage model already has steam effect included, so it could trigger, when radiator is overheated. HUD would require some indicator - gauge, bar or simply "engine" tab changing colour, same as diff-locks.

Further use: Engine temperature could make steep terrain more challenging. Also, if there will be maps in winter settings, it could play major role, especially for diesel engined vehicles.


2. Unlocking fuel stations.

Also simple idea - some stations could be locked, and would require some amount of fuel to unlock it. This way fuel itself would recieve some more focus, fulfilling same role as garage points or lumber, and bringing some diversity to the gameplay.

Mechanics: same as with garage points - certain amount of goods delivered opens the station.


3. Locked garage system tweak.

This idea expands the concept of star-system. After unlocking, garage can service (change attachements and conduct repairs) vehicles up to 2 stars. More garage points is required to expand the operation for 3, 4 or 5 star vehicles. Ratio really doesn't matter, but it could be 4 more points for every star up. There should be limitation, that we can't spawn garage parts and give them to the same garage. Starting point could be either totally unlocked, or also would require garage parts carried from other source, like spawning trailers or so on.

Mechanics: modified existing quantity-trigger relation.

Further use: In multiplayer unlocking the garage to certain level would be very useful and would put some stress on teamwork. 


4. "One truck challenge (or something like that)" - idea for game mode.

Maps are usually littered with lorries. However, instead of collecting vehicles, we could work our way to spawn them. "Currency" would be garage parts delivered, right amount of those would give us desired lorry. This way we would have request system rather than treasure hunt. Instead of starting vehicle, there would be no other on the map. This could be separate mode, disregarding difficulty level. It could remedy situation when 4 players can start with 3 vehicles each (Plains is good example), and still collect some more. Teamwork focus here is obvious. It could be nice coupled with garage service level from the previous point. Now, with the MP finally having saves, I think more emphasis should be put on having new, challenging modes. This could be one of them.


5. Fuel diversity.

Since we have now nice selection of vehicles powered by both petrol and diesel engine, it could be nice to make dedicated fuel. Some attachements (barrels, multi-compartment cisterns) could carrry both of them (proportion up to max. capacity), while others could carry only one type of fuel at time. Lorry could, of course, be filled only with dedicated fuel.

Mechanics: Instead of "Fuel" on the HUD, there would be "Petrol" or "Diesel". Attachements that can carry both kinds of fuel would operate on the same principle as those, that can carry both fuel and repair parts.


7. Multiplayer tweaks.

Since not only maps have star limit, but also rooster positions (2 star + 4 star, 2 + 2 and so on), it would be nice to allow players to choose trucks on their own, within limit set by default or by host for example. Also, raising the number of lumber points and garage points would be nice. Right now it is same as for single player, and it is barely a challenge for the 3 or 4 players, especially if they start with numerous vehicles. Maybe the limits should go up with every player, e.g. +2 points per person (so 6 garage and 10 lumber for 2 players, 8/12 for 3 and so on).


Benefits:-    More diverse gameplay, but operation on simple solutions, usually already implemented in the game itself. Engine heating would add another dimension to vehicle operations. Unlockable fuel stations would put some more stress on planning, as well as fuel separation. Garage "levels" would make some difference in maintaining and equipping various vehicles. Game mode with spawnable lorries could be nice option, especially for multiplayer, when players can start with tons of equipement. Multiplayer is now more viable due to saves, so it will be used more frequently. Option to choose own vehicles and scaling the requirements would be nice touch.

Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:-  Probably none. 

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Summary:- Flat tyre and tyre pressure adjustment.
Type:-  Gameplay.
Description:- New tyre pressure system is very interesting idea, and it creates some possibilities to expand it.

1. Flat tyre system and spare wheel tweak.

After recieving  damage to specific wheel, tyre would deflate and couldn't be managed with pressure control system anymore. To remedy that, spare wheel would be used, instead of being universal "medkit". To compensate loss of a spare wheel, lorries could use another addon like a toolbox or something similar, so they could carry some repair points with them. Spare wheel should fix one wheel only, if more would be flat some prioritizing logic would be in order - like fix front ones first, or if both fronts are down - next asymmetric pair. Garage visit or repair conducted with utility box (but not utility trailer, since utility box is portable workshop with tools such as compressor included, and trailer is just spare parts/fuel piled up) also would fix flat tyre. 

2. Pressure adjustement for civilian vehicles. 

Since mud is more difficult to cross now, I think civilian lorries also could use some assistance. Tyre pressure could be adjusted in garage for vehicles lacking pressure control system. Also, maybe there could be an option allowing to adjust it in the field, but limited only to deflating - to restore high pressure, one should use utility box or garage.

Benefits:- More realistic tyre damage, more depth to civilian vehicles and some older military, such as B-505.

Drawbacks & Potential Solutions:-  Probably none. 
References:-  Flat tyres...

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