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OHHH Yehhh... no Sorry my Garage is full up floor and down so please i canot acept your truck...  Refull and addons only inside the garage.                    

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Very nice. Looking forward to testing the trailer that belongs to the Volvo when it's released :) .


Here's part two of my first trip in Spintires. Part one is posted here: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/5916-full-game-screenshots/?p=20973 , but I believe this is the correct place for it, so I'll continue it here.


Got the crane to the site. I left the trailer behind, because I didn't need it. Glad I did, this truck isn't quite as manouverable as the blue one...:




We're getting there:




And voila!




Off we go again. I really enjoy this truck!




The target is in sight:




Looks like I'm going to make it this time!




Mission completed:



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i somewhat sensed it was a bad idea to cross the river with the only two trucks i had at the same time in hardcore mode...


so it was UAZ to the rescue! i actually managed to get both out of the water, but it took me bloody hours! :D


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Removed the film grain post-processing effect and the game looks much better now (at night time):



You can compare these with my previous shot, look at the headlight beam, it's where the grain is most noticeable.

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One of the umnarked logging sites in the Coast map.









And the way in / out. I had to mow down some small trees to make this path, but it turned out good(ish):









Using the Zil to bring out the small logs. Got abit muddy, though, they'll probably have to hose them before running them through the sawmill...



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