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Hey guys. While we were just, well. Fooling around really, we ended up making this little vid.

I thought it would be great to post some awesome videos related to Spintires   Deep mud   Not afraid of mudholes   This one is a bit longer but it has some nice footage  

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Basic Urals/ZIL's/GAZ etc. doesnt really have difflocks. I drove ZIL, GAZ and UAZ, when i was in army. None of them had difflocks.


Ural has atleast one diff lock (central diff lock, between rear axles). And kamaz, and kraz. And really UAZ hasn't difflock? Even Niva has difflock.

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How to destroy 3 trucks at once!  :o  :blink:







A driven trailer? First time I see such concept. Interesting...


Nearly all logging trailers for tractors are driven... In post-soviet countries we even make them in our garages, with stuff founded in backyard.

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This truck looks like the *bleep* up version of the maz... :P

This truck is called MZKT-7429 (МЗКТ-7429)




Wheel formula: 8x8 
The payload capacity: 23,000 kg 
Weight of transported cargo: 50000 kg
Diesel engine: YAMZ-8424.10-03 (ЯМЗ-8424.10-03)
Power, kW (h.p.): 346 (470) 
Сlutch: YAMZ-151-11 (ЯМЗ-151-11)
Transmission 9 forward, 1 back: YAMZ-202-04 (ЯМЗ-202-04)
Maximum speed, km/h: 70 
Maximum speed of full weight, km/h: 55 
External minimum turning radius, m: 15 
The two-speed transfer case c locking interbogie differential 1:1; 1:1.6 
Tires c regulated air pressure: 1500х600-635



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