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If you still haven't found a way to get the K-700 back, then I'll share with you how I did it.

1) You need to download the archive by clicking on the link: Spintires K-700.zip

2) In the archive, all folders correspond to the file or folder of the game itself. All you need is to transfer the files from the archive to the folders of the game itself.

3) Depending on your language, you need to go to "Media.zip" ---> [strings] ---> [Find the folder with the language you need] ---> [assets.txt]
We are looking for the line "/kirovets700", write "K-700", as in the example:  K-700.png.29ebd5ef2a5208460aef251340d13be3.png

The method is 100% working. If you did everything correctly, then the result will be like this:20210206100548_1.thumb.jpg.6cbce68bb54aaa37e9a027ec6ff9a7c6.jpg20210206100303_1.thumb.jpg.cadb934459a00ace77d78c773fdd3333.jpg

Good luck to all!

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Your link doesn't work.  But it's OK.  I don't even miss this tractor.  There are other, much more useful tractors as mods than this one.  In this game, it really doesn't do anything except tow another truck if it needs help, but usually there's a tree nearby, so the K-700 ends up being useless.  At least in MudRunner it can load logs and attach to trailers.

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