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Issues in update 1.7.0

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The problem was never fixed after the update, namely:
1) Automobiles with large diameter wheels travel higher than the maximum speed than indicated in the characteristics of the car (for example SHERP, instead of the prescribed 40 km/h, it drives under 50 km/h), but for him it is a plus. In passenger cars, due to the small diameter of the wheels, they cannot reach the maximum speed at all (UAZ - 469 cannot shift the gearbox from 3 to 4 and its maximum speed is 26 km/h)


2) Most cars cannot switch the gearbox from 4 to 5 (if, when accelerating from 1, it switched immediately to 3, then the next shift will already be at 5. But if it switched from 1 to 2, then it will no longer be able to reach 5th gear, but only up to 4). There is a way to avoid this. It is necessary on an asphalt surface, upon reaching 4th gear, release the gas until it switches to 5 itself.

3) In most cars, when shifting the gearbox from 4 to 5, the speed does not change.


Other issues after the update.

1) On GAZ-66, you can install all add-ons at the same time (Onboard platform, repair parts, trailer and you can still load logs from above).


2) At MAZ - 535, when the maximum speed is reached, a Low-off sound is heard.

3) UAZ-469 does not have the sounds of squeals of tires during sudden braking or skidding.

4) KamAz - 6520 in high gear goes slower than on 1


5) Like the GAZ - 66, ZIL - 131, when viewing yhe "state", the "ghost" wheels are in a horizontal position


6) Incorrect behavior of cars, when braking sideways through the handbrake on unpaved surfaces (rarely happens)

It feels like the cars have overpowered engines, because when they get shot in 3rd, 4th  or 5th gear, they continue to spin the wheels.

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1) Throuching the headlights texture 



2) Wrong animation 

On some trucks on which the "Fuel tank" can be installed, when overcoming an obstacle, an animation is shown that pushes not from the position of the frame, but to something else (which I could not understand)20210124020003_1.thumb.jpg.cb526b0ad1568cd5bcf4d4b0cd90feb6.jpg20210124020135_1.thumb.jpg.ebccadf969c4d7e0dff4da118be83d12.jpg

3) FPS

Low FPS when approaching the water (when looking at its side). When passing the Ural map from the SHERP DLS on version 1.6.0, during the crossing of a water obstacle, friezes and FPS subsidence were not observed. After the latest updates, such problems have already appeared

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