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There are very few cars in the Chinese DLC!

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I would like to start from afar and off topic.
The latest DLC and patch is, in my opinion, the best thing that happened to the game. The new technology is amazingly beautiful, the detailing is incomparable, as in the car pack number 1! Hopefully 133, 167, 130 (new), 505 and 157 will be brought up to the same level of development! The new maps are great! Mud physics is beautiful! After 1.6.2 I loved the new dirt with all my heart, it is very good.

Well, China! Hurray, we moved somewhere other than Russian roads! This is a very good idea, but it is not clear why the number of cars is so small? There is not a single A-class car, not a single E-class car. I really want to believe that China will not be abandoned and we will see new maps with new Chinese cars.

Here's an idea for an A-class:
BJ 212


Dongfeng EQ2050


And this is for the E-class:
Huanghe JN252


Thank you very much for your attention and for your efforts!

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Except for the last one, the other Chinese vehicles are essentially knock-offs of American and Russian designs.  Same goes for the trucks already in the China DLC.  So I'm not really keen of having more Chinese trucks.

Edit: Come to think of it, even the last one seems like a knock-off of Tatra, a Czech design.

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