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Problems with the game after the update

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1. FPS
Before the update, the FPS was in the region of 50-60 and there were no friezes. After update evenat the end of the map the FPS will not rise above 40 and is not stable at 30-40

2. Speed limit
Now the speed of the car depends on the radius of the wheels. For example, let's take KrAZ - 255. When changing gears from 4 to 5, the maximum speed does not change.

SpinTires 2020-11-06 00-24-41-68.avi

If we take the Sherpa, then in the characteristics his maximum speed is written - this is 40 km / h, in the game now the maximum speed is 50 km / h.493879360_(52).thumb.png.e6d609d2b96f1179e129c0454dcd838b.png20201106002547_1.thumb.jpg.4f4b56154ec104c87fc58e64ad90b313.jpg

3. This bug manifests itself ponderously, when you try to repeat it, it already modets and fails20201101000125_1.thumb.jpg.55712f59655dfbe81eb37630599e407d.jpg
4. You can say I get to the bottom of the little things but still. Reduction of words does not work correctly.20201106002527_1.thumb.jpg.72a5389a7a32173fdc34b2a3e9ca8d31.jpg
5. In arcade mode, you can skip time without wasting a liter of fuel (you need to transfer the box to neutral and skip the time)

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24 minutes ago, Maxtron220 said:


I agree with the Fps, the game is not stable, And with a terrible performance!, I am waiting to see if they echo this problem, because it is unplayable!, It has those Fps friezes, which clearly is from some internal game settings

You are using a very small font. Need even larger, to be able to see and read it.

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