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Havok explosion!

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Originally reported by лето31 on Stmods, but I've just reproduced it.

How to reproduce: Spawn Kraz-255 somewhere in mud.  Spawn b133 behind it. Move over to b133 and change it's wheels.  Go back to Kraz-255 and attach the winch to b133. What happens next is that the wheels on both trucks detach and start rotating in place overturning the trucks.
Game version: 1.6.2

I've experienced a similar thing in 1.6.1 - I changed b-80's front wheels friction and softness and the same thing happened. The wheels detached and started rotating in place and rolled over the tractor again and again.


*I'm not 100% certain if it technically qualifies as a Havok explosion, but...close enough, I guess.

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