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Incorrect AWD behavior

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As mentioned in the news sub-forum, the current AWD behavior is incorrect (when diff lock is off).  All the wheels act like they are connected to one open differential.  For example on a 6x6 if one rear wheel is in the air, that's the only wheel that will spin.  In reality, at least one of the front wheels would also be spinning.  The torque should transfer among the wheels only on that side of the transfer case.

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5 hours ago, Eversman said:

I guess this really depends on the truck an it´s differential setup. should be reviewed for every truck.

I doubt this kind of setup exists in real life.  I don't think it's even possible, and even if it was, it would be quite useless, since you'd end up with all the torque going to one wheel in some situations, completely defeating the purpose of AWD.

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