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Crashing on SpinTires 1.6.1

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I know that many similar problems have been discussed before, but I don't think anyone found a real solution.

I bought SpinTires Original 4 days ago and I started play it (latest version 1.6.1). First 2 days, the game was working properly, but since yesterday the game crashes after about 10-15 minutes of playing (singleplayer and multiplayer). Most crashes (90%) appear while switching on the Advanced Menu. The rest occurs at random moments. I don't have any mods, I just have Canyons DLC and Vehicle Pack 01 DLC (which I installed after purchasing the game). After crash I have to restart the computer (even ALT+CTRL+DELETE don't work). I've tried everything - reinstalling, deleting files, clearing the cache, veryfing the integrity of files and nothing worked. Now, the game is unplayable for me, because every crash reset my game. Is there anyone who know how to repair this? Thanks for help.

PC Specification: i5 9400F, 16 GB RAM

GTX 1660 Super

Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

Below some of the crash files.

spintires_2117156_crash_2020_10_16T2_5_7C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_10_16T1_14_33C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_10_16T19_49_5C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_10_16T1_4_44C0.mdmp

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9 hours ago, clem47 said:


What are the changes between the working state and not working?

Did you update graphics drivers? Is you PSU in a good condition with sufficient power?

There are not any changes except that the game started to crash.

It's new computer, I bought it about one month ago. I checked that the graphics drivers are updated and PSU works weel enough. I don't have problems with any other games, even with much "heavier".

Moreover, 2 days ago I installed "runasdate" program and run Spintires using it (with the current date and time - not with earlier). It was working fine 2-3 hours and then it started crashing again. I really don't know what it depends on.

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This version of spintires ( 1.6.1) is kind of crippled... but if it was working well at the beginning, I suppose it should goes on.

Moreover, the fact that the computer has to be rebooted after a crash made me think of a driver issue, but latest release of nvidia driver is 7.10.2020 wich doesn't fit...

Maybe you can try from your peripheral mangement to right click and update driver from windows update for major peripherals ( sound, network, graphics, chipset,..)


If this doen't help you can also try legacy2 version of spintires ( from BETAS section of steam property for spintires).


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