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Game is repeatedly crashing under v1.6.1

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Dear all,

I started playing SpinTires again 2 days ago (didn't play since late July) and in the past two days it crashed a couple times.

I already reinstalled it (I have the Steam Version, 1.6.1 with all Add-ons and no mods) - didn't change anything.

My Windows 10 is up to date (I’m on build 19041.450) and the latest Nvidia drivers (452.06) are installed.

The crashes occur with different vehicles on different maps. Sometimes directly after changing a vehicle but sometimes just while driving and today also in the menu while creating a new game. All crashes happend while in single player mode.

I attached the crash files I had.


Thank you in advance



spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_22T15_6_38C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_22T15_41_54C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_24T7_28_22C0.mdmp

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Added Crash Files and when crashes occur
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