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On 9/25/2020 at 8:03 PM, Truckwolf said:

@Fairey Gannet Hello! This is bit off topic, but I just wanted to say Salute! to a fellow virtual pilot. My favourite simulator is Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, I have x52 and made myself a freetrack. I've been flying for about 14 years now (not so much in the past few years though). I am a member of =VSI=. I also love Silent Hunter 5 with TWoS. I've never tried DCS, sounds pretty serious, I'll have to check it out. Cheers!

DCS is very serious. It has the most complicated and difficult to learn aircraft out there and for this reason, bugs can be outstanding for years, including game breakers for some people.

The forums are full of impatient people. Devs rarely reply, for obvious reasons. People will stamp out the door if their favourite switch has the wrong sound. I have a completely different phylosophy to it. What doesn't work, I don't need and do it another way.

This also applies to all of my other sims.

2 months is a mere pfffft in the grand picture.

Lets just wait for 1.6.2 and see what it's got to offer.



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Hello, Rather than posting in each thread individually, here's a global thread to say thank you for reporting the issues you may have found. We acknowledge them and we are busy fixing them right

Good news, fellas! 🙂 I contacted Zane and here is his reply. The bold and comment in italic are mine.    

will this version come this century? Otherwise i will ask my grandson in the future if there are still no medium or long logs at the kiosk.

Posted Images

Huh, sounds familiar. 😁

I really like the changes in physics (adjusted with PL's settings) and have high hopes for 1.6.2. I really like the new deformationpressure - where previously grass and dirt roads were rock solid, now the terrain has again become softer moving the game closer to the way it was in 2015 and 03.03.16. But with one very important change - the ground surface is no longer like an egg shell, you spin your wheels for a second longer and they punch through the surface. And suddenly your truck is up to the fenders in chocolatey substance.
Now I was spinning my wheels on a dirt road slope and it slowly got softer and wetter. From rock solid and dry it became wet and mud splashes started to appear underneath the wheels.

I really like it and I believe that 1.6.2 will possibly become my favourite version. (assuming everything is fine with it, of course, fingers crossed).

@Trackrod_ST Hello, could I ask your opinion on something, please? I'm having some issues with Ural-4320, even with PL's settings. It sinks more and easier than any other truck. A couple of posts back I reported that it was the only truck that couldn't cross the river/lake on the Coast map with medium logs. Zil-130 with short logs managed to cross the water without any problem. Kraz-255 with medium logs also. But Ural-4320 with medium logs always sunk and buried itself in the mud.
Have you also noticed this? There's something about it's thinner wheels and the new yield strength.

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