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Hello all. I'm having issues with advanced menu. When I activate advanced it will sometimes shut engine off, not show winch points (have to click on change truck to show winch points again), or detaches the connected trailer.

I have done the clean install to make sure that was not the issue.

Otherwise I really enjoy the new Sherp and the Ural map. I'm not as fond of some of the traction changes that have occurred with the 1.6.1 update. Some older maps and user made maps have become unplayable. I noticed any map with a slightly inclined wooden bridge have zero traction.

Thanks in advance,  CrashDuckSr

System specs:

 Win 10 64 bit,   Asus Z270-P motherboard,  I5-7600K CPU,  16GB 3200mhz Corsair Vengance ram,  Zotac 1070  8GB gpu



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Added specs and crash report
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