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B130 default tire friction

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It's set to offroad but I think that's a holdover from the past before we had the option to install the offroad singles on this & related trucks.  Since we have those and the chained tires, I think the default tires should have default friction.  The tread on them doesn't look like an offroad type anyway.  It's all-terrain at best.

And I just noticed the Vehicle Pack trucks with the same looking tires are set to highway friction, so this definitely needs to be made consistent.

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6 hours ago, DeltΔV said:

It doesn't make any difference at this point. With the new update, if it doesn't have AWD and difflock it's not going anywhere.

It matters for future use, and even now to some extent, since we finally have proper distinction between highway and offroad tires.  Of course there are the newly introduced issues that need to be worked out.

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