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I am probably the only person playing with an Xbox gamepad. But maybe other gamepads have a similar issue.

My issue: in advanced menu action(or click) is the right trigger. And in driving mode right trigger is the acceleration. Frequently, I open the advanced menu and immediately trigger default action (one that has focus). It happens since I am still pressing the right trigger. Previously it was something harmless, like "park trailer" or "rear door." But in 1.6, It can be the "stop engine" or "detach trailer." Needless to say, accidentally detaching the trailer is very irritating. It is a disaster when going uphill, for example.
Would it be possible to change action binding in the advanced menu to another button? Another from acceleration? "A" button seems to be a natural choice. By default "A" is "all wheel drive", and it is unused in the advanced menu.

Maybe someone knows a way to change bindings in advance menu?

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You can change bindings beyond what the menu allows in the user config file in the game's AppData.   Usually located at c:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Spintires.

But of course more flexibility through the UI would be welcome.

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4 hours ago, gothmog said:


But I don't see there a way to change bindings advanced menu

You can look at my thread for an example for my wheel.  It should be similar for your gamepad, unless it's all hard-coded.


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