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couple of old bugs

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So the Sherp DLC is out! Looks gorgeous!

Like other players, I also have game crashes on trailer detachment. Also, game saves do not work when I exit to the main menu.

However, I would like to point out two older bugs. They have been annoying for a while.
1) Farm Trailer Fuel and Farm Trailer Repair. They do not attach correctly to some old trucks. Then when driving, the trailer detaches all the time. I see this with C4320 and B157, see attachment. B157 is the worst case. I have not tested all trucks, but there are no issues with newer trucks, like B431510, B500. Also, Farm Trailer Flatbed seems to work fine. 

2) Center of mass of B505. It seems that CM of B505, when loaded with logs, is too close to the rear axle. As a result, the truck flips very easily. On a bump, it leans back, then sideways and flips. In one case, I flipped it 4 times during delivery. I noticed that attaching a trailer prevents the truck from flipping. But I think the real issue is weight distribution between Cabin and Chassis. For B505 cabin weights 1625, and chassis weights 4875. For similar B500(9) truck cabin weights 2500(3000), chassis weights 2000(1500). If B505 is "naked," no attachments installed, it is almost perfectly leveled.  "naked" B500 leans slightly forward, like many other trucks. Modifying weight distribution in b505.xml similarly to b509 solves the issue. 


Spintires Screenshot 2020.08.01 -

Spintires Screenshot 2020.08.01 -

Spintires Screenshot 2020.08.01 -

Spintires Screenshot 2020.08.01 -

Spintires Screenshot 2020.08.01 -

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