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Hi, since installing the new version 1.6.0 my game has never worked properly.
I can start the game and play for a few minutes and the crash always happens when I use the advanced options of the trucks, it seems that there is a limit to using the advanced options of the trucks, I did not count the times I used it but it must be the third or fourth time I use the advanced options that the game crashes, I try to solve the problem I tried some solutions that here on your website and I even uninstalled the game I deleted the folders and files that were on the pc after uninstalling and then installed the game and the problem continues.
As said the version of my game is the latest 1.6.0
my pc is this:
I5 4460
GTX 1050TI 4GB
windows 8.1
the 3 crash happened on the "aftermath" map and I got to use two different trucks, the B-131 and the B-157
just one more thing i have the game for a maximum of 1 month the problems appeared when i installed the new version, i wait for new solutions.

edit: I tested on other maps and the crash happened anyway

edit2: well, from what i saw i'm not the only one with this problem, i can't speak english and i translated this whole post on google translator but i think the problem that other players have is the same as me, the problem is disengaging trailers, in my in case I don't know if that was it but when I selected the advanced options of the trucks I heard a noise from my trailer being disconnected from my truck the noise that I hear from the crash seems to be this, I think the problem is in the advanced options of the trucks.


spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_1T8_0_29C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_7_31T20_17_15C0.mdmp spintires_2117156_crash_2020_7_31T19_56_59C0.mdmp


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3 hours ago, Ebb said:

This problem may have ruined someons Sunday but I appreciate their efforts to make a fix 

yeah, i had plans to play this weekend and i was disappointed that i couldn't play in my free time, but the bugs happen in all games next time it is better not to make plans to play a game when an update is released, well, I hope that next weekend I can play Spintires without any problems.

Ebb an update came out to fix the problem I haven't tested it yet but they said that the problem that caused the crash has already been solved, I got some free time and in an hour I will test the game and maybe buy the new DLC :))

well, the problem was solved I tested the game now and by disengaging the trailer the game no longer crashes :))

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