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Front wheel shaft

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I played little bit with B505 and C 256 truck on the proving ground hill.  

As first I tested B 505 


As you can see on image, 
DIFF LOCK and ALL WHEELS are disengaged

One rear wheel start spinning, truck will stay in the middle of hill, rear wheel will stuck in the ground. That is fine. 
But shaft from the gearbox to the front drive axle is still spinning even
1. No one from both front wheels are spinning (there is no torque sent to the front wheels )
2. Truck is not moving (only one rear wheel is spinning on the same place)

I think there should be some check for such scenario ... because front wheel shaft should spin only when All wheels is engaged or when all wheels is disengaged but front wheels are spinning. Ideally when front ALL WHEELS is disengaged, computation of spin speed rear shaft should be done based on front wheels spin.



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