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Overwriting single player save

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I had some save on Hill map. I wanted to play multiplayer. Unfortunately only one multiplayer game server was online with HILL map, so I tried connect to it. Server start the game but in loading time it says that server map is different than my actual HILL map. Connecting to the server failed. No another game server was there so I wanted to return back to the my single player save on HILL map. But my old save was overwritten by not compatible server map. Instead of some delivered logs, opened garage and one truck on the way to saw mill, new overwritten save has 3 moded trucks in start position in garage. All my previous save was overwritten by multiplayer game save, which I haven't connected or played (because of not compatible moded map on multiplayer save).

I think there should be condition, that local save can be overwritten only when player successfully connected to  the multiplayer game.


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