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Fairey Gannet

Crash due to refueling (MP).

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Posted (edited)

I've encountered a bug: during online play (I was a host, Canyons DLC map), client was operating crane on C-4310, loading my B-500 (flatbed + standby tank). Since he was runnin on fumes, I gave him my fuel. That led to immidiate client's crash - after trying to put down process, due to no effect, he had to restart whole system (Win 10). Client's saves were non existent after that, and he was reverted all the way back to starting position.


Edit 1:

When refueling C-4310 form B-431510 (tanker + spare wheel), game crashes also.


Edit 2:

Double-checked on Aftermath DLC map (as garage and fuel are close), this time with two B-500. Fueling by host (tanker + hazard light) causes client to crash badly.


Edit 3:

C-4310 to C-4310 (Canyons DLC) also makes game crash and burn.


Repairing or winching doesn't have this effect - checked with B-500, B-431510 and C-4310.

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