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French localization errors

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  • (Screenshot 1) I have not seen that reported so I just want to let you know that various text strings are broken in French, for the achievements.
    All special characters are broken (like é, è, ê, ô...).
    I don't know how the localization of achievements is handled in Spintires (a file inside game files or Steam?) but changing file encoding from unicode to utf-8 do the trick generally.
    I'm nearly sure it's that kind of problem. Otherwise, the rest looks good.
  • (Screenshot 2) Also, I spotted a missing string.
    Look at bottom left, the word "always" should be translated as "toujours" (or "tjrs" if you need to write it the short way for the UI).

Have a nice day!



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Hi again, just a tip this time: in the (French) settings you should change "publicités" to "annonces" (highlighted in blue in my screenshot) since those are game-related news, to avoid any misunderstanding from players!

Just launching the 1.5 update, thanks for the new content and MP improvements! Waiting for that special DLC announcement next week. :)

Have a good weekend!



Edit: having fun with the new vehicles!

Some addon text strings are not translated, just to let you know (like "offroad" in the following screenshot).



... or "bois moyen" here:


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