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What can make SpinTires Original outrun Snow Runner

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I have to admit I switch between Snow Runner, Mud Runner, Spintires 2011 and Spintires Original and then google any other "spintires" like games. Nothing out there really. So it begs the question what's the best one for all the offroading enthusiasts. My conclusion is Spintires Original (the rollercoaster ride) and what I reaaaly suggest to do to your game.

Quite simply focus on adding advanced features. OOvee team I am gratefull for your free Vehicle DLCs but you are up against 900+ vehicle mods on the workshop, so there really are plenty out there. But i you acualy filter out the bad ones turns out that about 50 of them are acually proper stuff. Suggestions are as follow. It's all about making this feel "complete and in control"

1. All stock vehicles should have dynamic steering wheels.
2. All trailers should have their "wires and air hoses.
3. All vehicles should ideally open their driver door when you are at the garage
4.All vehicles should be refueled manually at all times and require engine off.
5.All vehicles should be high quality model (similar to your new B130)
6.The weather should function correctly, truck should get wet when it rains.
7.All vehicles should remain dirty ( mud must stop magically fading away, this is very stupid) but vehicles can be cleaned by driving through rivers or a car wash or rain.
8. You need a better UAZ 469 vehicle with better details
9. You need to allow us to carry more things other than lumber. Mods have proven 100% high 5 start rating when the following objects were introduced.

point a: from the garage you can load a old style truck with a carriage with boxes, or mail as garage points.
point b: an add-on for the Ural aka C-4320L  called Bus can convert the Ural into a transport vehicle which when you install passengers they can be 1 garage point. But a civilian Ural would be need it for this.The bus add-on should have operable doors, rear and side with animated curtains.

10. Replace refueling sound with something better.
11. Add option to disable in game aid such as the highlighted 3D lines (FUEL, GARAGE, LUMBER) for example.
12. Replace the creepy black tornado with something like a transparent faded small question mark.
13. Air Break simulation. This is a cool feature that will make you think twice about abusing the breaks. The idea is that air PSI needs to build up in order for the breaks to work which can be done by idleing the truck. If the Air in the tanks is low or out the breaks lock up  and the only way to release them is to wait for the psi to build up again. THE AIR RELEASE effect currently in spintires is suppose to be a  followup from that, because excess air is automatically pushed out.

If "free" DLC is spitting out, might as well come back and explain what can also...make a difference

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@Gabe_2.0Those are good suggestions and I too would like to see ST move more in the realism & detail direction.  SR would be difficult to compete with on content (maps, trucks, campaign, etc.) but where ST or ST2 could shine is simulation & realism.  SR after all is somewhat arcady & casual.  The mud physics are decent but powertrain & suspension isn't well simulated.  Some things like controls & suspension are worse than they were in MR.  But it's still an early access game, even though it's not labeled as such (call it deceptive advertising).

Some of the things I do like in SR and that I would like to see in ST are the wet-looking mud (not everywhere, just where there's more water), raindrops splashing on surfaces, a button for releasing the winch and night skipping.  Yes I've come to like night skipping even though it's considered a "casual" feature, but it's actually realistic to sleep through the night and resume a job in the morning.  Plus the night is nothing amazing to look at anyway (in both games) given that headlights don't produce any shadows, and in ST particularly the headlights are pretty weak, especially on inclines as @oldman777 has pointed out.

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11 hours ago, Gabe_2.0 said:

I have to admit I switch between Snow Runner, Mud Runner, Spintires 2011 and Spintires Original and then google any other "spintires" like games

The original ST was 2014, wasn't it?  What you call ST Original I call the new ST.  I think it's less confusing that way.  The new ST is moving away from the "original" title anyway.

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On 5/24/2020 at 5:49 PM, Gabe_2.0 said:

Well original ST as in Spin-tires 2011 demo. I know crazy right.

That's what I thought you were referring to.  I go by the release date of the finished game.  That's how most people do it.

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