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I noticed another bug. As I wrote above, if only one DLС is installed - Canyons, then rocks (dlc_rock) are not visible on Canyons map.

If I install any custom map in the Media folder, with dlc_rock full size textures (10MB.dds), three folder only - classes, meshes, textures,

rocks appear at Canyons map and at custom map too.

BUT on both maps low resolution textures (2MB.dds) from CanyonsDLC will be displayed.

Only if I delete the CanyonsDLC, then high-resolution textures (10MB.dds) will appear on the custom map. 



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The absence of rocks and engines sound of is associated with game protection from piracy. I did not buy any DLC, and I have only two free.

 I downloaded a pirated, cracked game version with all DLС for comparison and there are all engines sounds and rocks.

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