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Allow wheel button binding for Advanced Menu

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It's not available in the UI.  For now I've adjusted Config.xml manually.  It's very handy for quick winching.



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@Zane (Oovee)I'm thinking this should be considered a bug rather than a suggestion.  I've noticed that both the keyboard and controller have a binding for the advanced menu, but the wheel doesn't.  The wheel has a binding for the main menu which is useless since that's rarely used during gameplay, unlike the advanced menu.

While this can be fixed manually by the user in the config file, it would be very handy for other users to have this option in the UI.

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I currently use a keyboard assignment in my wheel's controller software to send the letter V when pressing the A button on my G920 wheel. I need a dedicated profile for Spintires anyway to set the maximum steering wheel rotation to 600° (instead of the default 900°), but having it directly in the Spintires UI would be better and should be easy to implement.

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