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Changelog (v1.3.6)

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Added / New

- Friction, mud friction, mass, and physics radius also accept numerical values or presets (for modders).
- Ability to set trucks as "IsPetrol" in truck.XML's (for modders).
-- Afterfire effects (the igition of excess fuel in exhaust) when backing off of the throttle.
-- Petrol engines will now occassionally "choke" when running too rich, causing engine to briefly stop.
-- Petrol truck exhaust smoke effects (different from diesel).
- UI sound click added when activating the free-roam camera.
- Ability to hide all on-screen GUI by pressing F3.

Improvements / Adjustments

- River volume increased.
- Improved dirt road texture.


- Fix that allows vehicles to have their fuel/damage level set as per the map designer settings (wouldn't work past 200litres before).
- Fixed out-of-bounds damping in cart.
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