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Translation strings (for all languages)

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Full Russian translation for game v 1.6.1 + all DLC. 




I did not change the existing translation, I just corrected the wrong one and added the missing lines with the translation.
There are no unnecessary files in the archive, just copy this content into the appropriate game directories, replacing the files.

I hope this will not be too difficult for you, and will be done in the next update.

Thanks in advance.


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Posted (edited)

Yes, I can.

Translation for v. 1.6.1 is cumulative including Chernobyl DLC, and has not been added to the game for almost a year for some reason. Need to wait for it to be at least added to the game.

And only then think about further improving this. I don't want to waste work if the developers don't need it.

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Well, when Zane gets around to adding your translation to the game, could you please remind him to add a string for difflock=none?  Don't know why 1.6.0 only has a string for difflock=always, but not for "NONE". It's a super minor and trivial thing, but hopefully it won't be too much of a bother to add one extra line for translation.

Nevermind, I saw that in 1.6.0+ when difflocktype=none the line disappears from the HUD. A good decision!

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Zane, all Russian translation for the game and all DLC is normal now. But one file was not copied properly and there is currently no translation for SHERP button assignments.

There is one file in the attached archive - ui. txt. This needs to be replaced and the Russian translation will be 100%.


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