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Changelog (v1.3.3)

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Added / New

B-130: Added a custom exhaust accessory.

Improvements / Adjustments

B-130: Increased "1+" gear ratio slightly. 
B-130: Flat bed rear door now is now manually controlled to allow for loading logs without physics related glitches (default position open). 
B-130: Repositioned "log spawn area" when log loads are dropped to prevent the logs falling from the back of the truck.
B-131: Minor tweaks to suspension settings (thanks to Unster).
C-255: Tweaks to cart position, suspension and steering angles (thanks to Unster).
C-4320: Tweaks to cart (thanks to Unster).
T-700: Tweaks to suspension (thanks to Unster).


B-130: Prevented "trailers" from being connected without a "5th wheel coupler".
B-130: Prevented "trailers" from intersecing with the cabin.
B-130: Increased "load area" size to allow logs to be packed correctly.
Minor english localisation fixes. 

Known Issues

B-130: Flat bed rear door is open when attaching a "utility load" (please close it!).

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