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Changelog (v10.04.19q)

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Added / New

Weather effects moved to camera.
Weather effects now renders in the menu screen.
Water surface tile adjusted (less repetitive). 
Added winch points to the sides of vehicles.
Faster file access (decreases loading times).
B-131 truck reinstated (used to be a certified mod). 
New Localisation added for Portuguese Brazilian (a big thank you to Rodrigo Matsuura).

Improvements / Adjustments

D-535 / 7310 gear ratios and general setup improved.
Game day palette adjusted to increase colours (more improvements later).
Overall truck volume range increased to from 12 meters to 14 meter (since camera now zooms further away).
Reduced ambient sound volume slightly + added new ambient sound variation without crows.
Weather now bias towards sunny days (as per community feedback).
Camera now doesn't auto reset it's position (as per community feedback).
Reduced eye-adaption when around street lights at night time (as per community feedback).
Small adjustments made to menu map (more improvements later).
Wheel mud clump size reduced and positions altered (as per community feedback).


+1 gear fixed for all vehicles (as per community feedback).
Rain sound no longer plays in menu, unless its raining in menu (as per community feedback).
Added missing localisation changes.
Rev one-shot sound now fades out when truck is no longer accelerating.
Sparsing error fixed in classes/waters/green.xml.
Mist/Dust now has soft contact with ground (no hard edge).
Falling leaves now disppear when hitting the ground, as to save performance.
Weather system particle amount reduced, as to save performance and to fix exhaust smoke disppearing. 
DPIIndependentCursorSize and HandleCursorWithoutDirectX for disppearing cursor issues.


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