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Changelog (v10.04.19m)

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Updated 18/04/19

Added / New Features

Dynamic rain with associated water refraction effects (iteration 1). 
Dynamic wind with dust effects (iteration 1). 
Engine sounds properly based on RPM, with engine fan and turbo.
Brand new engine audio for all trucks (except T700, more replacement engine audio to come later)
Added tire buzz sound.
Added steering pump sound.
Added engine hot cool-down ticking sound.
Added brake dragging sound.
Added brake squeal sound.
Brand new environment, ambient and interaction audio.
Added submerged exhaust particle effects

Reinstated Features

Dynamic tire tracks and mud clumps
SSAO effects
Water push effects
Water dripping particle effects

Improvements / Adjustments

Game palette improved to offer a more realistic (warmer) game rendering.
All ground textures renewed.
Mud/water resistance and friction values adjusted to be closer to that of the original release (more challenging).
Camera zoom out range increased.
Camera auto zoom removed (except on stations).
Steering doesn’t turn the camera anymore.
Improved UI, menu and localisation.
Doubled winch length.
Depth-of-field reduced.
Fog reduced in most cases.
Improved headlights and light rays.
Reduced eye-adaption effects.
Improved damaged engine particle effects.
Improved gear ratios and general handling of all vehicles (except T700).
Improved day/night presets
Brighter night (moonlight)
Improved rock friction for better rock climbing
Increased mud, grass, and vegetation rendering distance. 
Removed gear crunching unless engine damaged.


Removed unobtainable achievement (trespasser)
Utility semi-trailer light was misplaced


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