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Decided to make this topic for my creations and updates, I'll be posting some screenshots and probably download links for my maps aswell.

Anyways here is what I'm currently working on, it's called Heiðmörk, and it's just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland.
I'll be trying to recreate a lot of it, but some I will make a little different.
It's in very early stages, for some reason the editor did not want me to make a 32x32map so it's 64x64.. I plan on having some logging to it and there will be some offroad and swamps!


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the just go straight into the media folder, I know it's strange and I'm not sure where or how I got them to work but that was the only way, If you use JSGME the folder is set up perfect for it.

And yes I've learned my mistakes with these models. the 2 maps I'm currently working on will be a lot better done

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8up I've got to say I'm surprised how far you made it with that truck, I never really intended for trailers in the map xD but people keep doing what I did not intend to happen but w/e I also forgot to fix a couple of things, the info is a little wrong(I was drunk when I submitted the map) and I wanted to change the C-whatever truck. but I'm done with this map, I'm moving on. Working on 2 maps right now. One is the one showed above, based on a real location and another will be purely a gameplay map.

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