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first time modder looking for some help and guidance

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hi i have been playing spintires for a couple years and have always wanted to make my own truck started modeling it and slowly working towards putting it in the game but i have had some problems and dont know exactly how to make every thing work hopfully i can get some good advice and help have been talking to a couple people that have been really good help and hope the community out there can help me out i want to make a 89 toyota 4runner i know there is one in the game but would like to make some changes to it i have had some experience with 3ds and have made a model to put in the game just having trouble getting it in to see what i have my first goal is to just get it in the game not caring what it looks like but to be able to get it running..... heres my references and ideas 













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i would say im done up to testing it in the game i just want to see how what i have works and make changes after that.... may have missed the main chassis bone i am trying to use the spintires editor to get it in the game but the tutorials are not very helpful 


lets say i have the model and x file done and bones created whats the next step?

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Ok so what I'll do then is delete the Bones and then save seperatly and then how do I get it in the game to see it?

I also have everything in separate groups in 3ds like body... left front shock etc.... left front spring etc...... front axle.... glass..... is that ok? It made for a huge list but then I was able to texture everything easier does that make any difference?

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would y'all stop comparing **** size and get back on topic.

sorry it's just CC has a ego that's the size of Texas.


anyway back on topic, follow these videos (starting from this one) and you should have no problem, reason why i'd rather link a video is because explaining all  of this thru text would take awhile, so follow the steps in each of these videos and you should be fine, if there's anything left out on them, ask away.



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Honestly Stetsons videos were extremely helpful to me in making a mod...he gives you the basic skills needed to grow and expand on....just have them playing on repeat and youll get it. If not feel free to contact me, I'm still extremely new to modding but i understand the basic concepts

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