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UMG copyright claims against spintires sounds

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For some people it might sound strange, but UMG began to send copyright claims against spintires sounds (mostly bird sounds and background sounds) in youtube vidoes.


So far we know about this person, he got 4 (or more) claims:





time 1:55:30-1:56:23


Claimed by:

On behalf of: Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd




And today I got my first copyright strike on this video: 


time 5:23-5:54, so it's clearly about those bird sounds. 


Copyright mail:





Welcome Grandy,
The owner of copyright, which uses Content ID claimed content in your video.
For now, just notice
Do not worry. This does not mean trouble or affect the standing of your account.
In your film you display ads that generate revenue for the owner of the copyright or the copyright holder has received insight into the statistics of his views.
Movie Title: Spintires | Faerie Hill | Map Mod | SID Land Rover 90
Copyrighted work: The Solution
The claim filed by UMG
 View details claims
What's next?
If there are no problems, you do not have to do anything. There is no need to remove the film.
There is a procedure to lodge an objection, which you can use if something goes wrong and the owner of the copyright or our system makes a mistake. Use it only in cases when you are sure that you have the right to use all content in his film.
The YouTube team

List of people who got claims so far:
This thread is just for informational purpose, to see if the claims are being send to more people, or maybe it was just an accidental match.

 If you are making spintires videos, and received a copyright claim, please write in this thread.

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My first thought is thinking that Spintires "may" use these birds sound without right of original owners ... the birds :)


We can easily see that no truck manufacturer ever complain about all these videos showning theyre vehicles lokness / sounds.

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not alll trucks have the logos soo trucks TM doesn't apply (on the demo the did but the law never mention demos of games just full games that people will pay for)

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Well this place has been hitting me with 2 to 4 copyright on them bird sounds a month they are slowly take every spintire Video I have done down. I have deleted so many videos because of this Place (UMG) Iam sure I have more but here a few. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwe73ODSJyJGUlQ1OUgwdHJOekE/view?usp=sharing       https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwe73ODSJyJGQmlKVmMtamJDUzQ/view?usp=sharing  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwe73ODSJyJGNks1T3o5Q3BfVlk/view?usp=sharing   If you all are having this probelm then I fixed this so no more copyright sounds will be hit that I can tell and if so They are hitting on youtube copyright free sounds!  https://youtu.be/R4elXybA7B8



I don't see anything getting done about this but I gave it a go and posted to help others out. If you want it to stop just use the sounds I made up the link is under the video, Just download them and then drop them in to replace the old ones.


Oh and if you dispute the claim your wasting your time they will not look at it and claim back saying they own the sounds, And then if you claim again because you know your right and UMG claims back with the same thing you lose your channel for being in the right. 


So they are making money off the spintires game videos And this makes everyone stop playing the game to do videos on it. 


I tried you get help from oovee but they told me nothing could be done because UMG didn't come to oovee and talk to them about the sounds, WHY would they if they can get free money and no one can stop them.  




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My question is; why in the name of hell is a music group (universal music group) making claims on bird sounds? That's really aggravating. Let's hope this gets dealt with at some point.

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Few days ago I started getting new claims. This time not from UMG, but mostly from Denmark Music Group. After listening to the "claimed songs", they are simply the cricket/background/wind/bird sounds. 








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