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I think we need one of these: random gif images (animated only) thread. I'll start with what I just recorded. Everyone please feel free to contribute. Images must be animated for this thread, please. I recommend everyone hide their gifs behind a play button like so:


Just to keep the thread nice and speedy, but this is not required.
Here's mine:


And please enjoy!


EDIT: In case anyone is interested in starting to make their own gif files but is unsure of how to do it, there's this great program for windows called GifCam. Use it, it's awesome.

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Here's a gif of a quick tilt flatbed testrig I put together for a tutorial. It's not realistic or accurate but was just for instructional purposes only. 



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nice man I better start testing mine because of blender :(

also nice IFS

That IFS is a TTB setup like you'd see on a first gen Ford Explorer. I used it to test getting the driveshaft linked to the correct half of the TTB.

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