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SpinTires - Steam trading cards - guide.

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Hello everyone!


As I had to learn everything about those cards from the scratch, myself I decided to prepare a short guide for those who are still confused.



What are trading cards?

Trading cards are nothing special on Steam nor anything unique related to Spintires only. Many of the games have them. The cards themselves are a "computerized" versions  the paper collectible cards some of us used to collect and trade in the real life when we haven't discovered the depths of the Internet, yet. As with the paper ones we can but them individually, or in packs of 3, or trade them with you friends, again not in the real life but on Steam. And a bit like with the paper versions we get some for just buying the product. But more about that in a moment. 


How to get the cards?

The first four you get for free.(Well, not really, today almost nothing's for free). We get them for buying and playing the game. The card drops are not related to any achievement and never will be, or at least this is what Steam claims for now. 


Why four? 

We get four because, again of the Steam mechanism. Any game that has them will give you about half of the available cards as drops. Because ST has 7 cards in total hence 4 is your drop.


How many cards are there?

That is a tricky question. There are 14 cards in total, although the pictures and names of the cards are the same. Why 14 then? - Because ST has 2 sets of 7 cards that differ only by the background. The blue background cards are called Trading cards and the silver background cards are called Foil Cards. Note that Foil Cards are more unique and thus cost more on the Steam market.


The names of the cards are:

#1 I Love My Winch (TYPE B-130 – ZIL 130)

#2 Into the Mud TYPE (A-469 – UAZ 469)

#3 Loading Logs TYPE (C-4320 – URAL 4320)

#4 Saving the Day TYPE (C-255 – KRAZ 255) 

#5 Fuel Demon (TYPE C-6520 – KAMAZ 6520)

#6 Recovery Giant (TYPE E-7310 – MAZ 7310)

#7 Monster in the (Forest TYPE D-537 – MAZ 537) 


Trading cards:



Foil cards:



Where can I get the missing ones?

You can obtain them by trading with your friends on Steam, buying the booster pack or buying the cards you want on the Steam market.


What is a booster pack?

Booster pack is three cards packed into foil. You do not know what cards are inside. After buying you need to unpack it. If you're lucky you will find 3 different ones, otherwise 3 identical.


Booster pack:



What can I do with those cards?

If you like them, you can collect the whole set and change it into a badge. Badges are Icons you can put in your profile on Steam near your nick. Also when you are crafting a badge you get some presents like discount coupons on some games, ST Steam chat icons, ST custom backgrounds.






And if I don't?

Sell them on the Steam market or change into gems.


There are two sets of cards, are there two badges?

Yes and no. There are 6 badges in total. But you can have only two max at any point. The normal trading cards badge has five levels. When you collect all the cards and trade them into a badge you get it. If you like the badge you can leave it But you can also move forward and collect another set and craft them into the next level badge. The names of the normal badge levels are:


lvl1 – Log Lover

lvl2 – Forest Friend

lvl3 – Traction King

lvl4 - Mud Maniac

lvl5 – Difflock Devil


Trading cards badge levels:


The Foil cards have only one level badge with the name: Master Logger


Foil caard badge name:



(If you look carefully all of the normal badge names are using alliteration, but one Traction King. What a pity.)


I guess that should answer most of the questions. If you think I should add something or you are having any doubts or further questions, don't hesitate to post them here.



Wish you luck in crafting badges! 

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