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Brand: DodgeRam

Model: 3500 HD

Year: 2007.5

Cab: crew cab long bed

Motor: 6.7 inline 6 Cummins

Horsepower: 445

Torque: 925 FT.LBS

Type: hauling but with 2 inch lift and off road tires


Couldn't upload a good picture but will try again later




There you go except please make it silver and a CCS OR BRUTE TRUCK/MOD

i might do one after i finish the k20 crew cab or if brute wants to do it he can dont matter to me

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The idea is to get more structure into the requesting of mods (cars, trucks etc). Instead of a lot of separate threads posting like "Build me a tacoma" you can now, using the template, request a mod a

1955 peterbuilt 281 the one from the movie duel   stock please if you guys can make it

Would be funny to drive an Hagglunds   :    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandvagn_206          

Posted Images

Guest Lord of the Rings



with working tracks from this MOD: https://stmods.ru/spintires/mods/tt_4_tlt_100_lp_19_v31_01_17_by_vasya_karpov_vasia_b4_for_spintires_v03_03_16/


or better with tracks and steering from this great MOD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871275346


would be amazing.

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For more info here: http://www.achtungpanzer.com/schwerer-zugkraftwagen-18t-sdkfz9-late-model-type-f3.htm


A little extra info here as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd.Kfz._9




Trailer's name (That I would want to have and use with the FAMO): Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen / Sd. Ah. 116

For more info here: http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Homepage_english/Trailers/Special_trailers/Sd__Ah__116/sd__ah__116.html

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  • Mod Request For: Spintires 03.03.16


Model: New Land Cruiser 200

Base Model: Unknown

Year: 2017

Body Color: Black / White

Picture: http://www.toyota.com/landcruiser/

Tuning: Stock ( working bi-xenon lights )

Engine: 4.6L V8 Twin-Turbo

Maximum power kW: 227

Rpm for maximum power: 5500

Maximum torque Nm: 439

Rpm for maximum torque: 3400

Horsepower: 286 HP

Fuel Capacity: 93 L

Driven Wheels: 4x4 Full-Time

Transmission: 6 gears automatic

Tyres width (mm) Front & Rear: 285

Tyres profile Front & Rear: 60

Tyres rating Front & Rear: V

Rim type Front & Rear: Alloy

Rim diameter (inch) Front & Rear: 18

Rim width (inch) Front & Rear: 8

For more info & spec of the car here: http://www.toyota.com.au/landcruiser-200/specifications/vx-petrol

3D Model: http://animium.com/2016/06/toyota-land-cruiser-3d-model


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I would love to see a 2016/17 Silverado 1500 with crew cab and standard (full size) box. It would be great if you made it so that it can tow trailers and has some upgrades (like a toolbox and/or fuel tank etc) and wheel options.

  • Brand: Chevrolet
  • Model: Silverado 1500
  • Year: 2016/17
  • Picture:  Something along these lines: XBNzdDJ.jpg?height=300&width=400       12697234_1062561480461025_69672678065616
  • Tuning: Offroader with a lift kit a bit like the image on the right.
  • 3d model: I know that ccsznoel1 has made a Silverado 2016 show truck, so maybe he or someone else could use that same model. You will have to inquire about this as I do not know.


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Brand: Toyota

Model: 4Runner

Year: 2015

Similar to these Pics: 




Tuning: Offroad capabilities with lift kit.  I would like the accessories to be real world. (Gas can carries extra gas, High lift jack gives repair points etc)


There are many 4Runner mods for Spintires out there, just not this model.....or that I have found.  For some reason I have asked a few different people to make this mod with no response.  Thanks!

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Guest Lord of the Rings

This thing would be amazing.


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