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The idea is to get more structure into the requesting of mods (cars, trucks etc). Instead of a lot of separate threads posting like "Build me a tacoma" you can now, using the template, request a mod and enter a lot of detail which might help making it more attractive for a mod maker to be interested in building it.


Use the following template:

  • Brand: What car/truck brand?
  • Model: What model?
  • Year: which year?
  • Picture: Provide a link to a picture as reference
  • Tuning: Stock? Rock Crawler? Mud truck? etc
  • 3d model: Provide,if possible, a copyright free link to the model. If you bought a model make sure you are allowed to have it converted into use for Spin Tires.

    Best is to find a model in one of the following formats: fbx, 3ds, obj, xml (not st xml), skp

So, from now on, add your mod request to this thread with as much info as possible.

A couple basic rules apply, simply to maintain overview on this topic (and preventing it being yet another dumphole):

  • Any separate requests we find will be merged with this one.
  • This thread is meant to gather all requests in 1 thread. It's not meant to discuss why a mod should or should not be built.
  • After posting a request please do not start sending pm to known mod makers if they can please please built your request. It is not appreciated. When a mod maker chooses to built a request he/she will contact you.
  • Do not post duplicate requests
  • Format your post according to the template. Posts which do not comply will get removed.
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Added some basic rules
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The idea is to get more structure into the requesting of mods (cars, trucks etc). Instead of a lot of separate threads posting like "Build me a tacoma" you can now, using the template, request a mod a

1955 peterbuilt 281 the one from the movie duel   stock please if you guys can make it

Would be funny to drive an Hagglunds   :    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandvagn_206          

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what if i dont have a model hein?


he doesn't mean an actual 3d model. he means this,


Brand: Chevy

Model: Silverado Pick up.


oops, just seen the 3d model part. Sorry. If ya don't have one, you don't have one.

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what if i dont have a model hein? do you think the modders would make one themselves (just clarifying)

I think that's a two-sider. Most modders use free models because completely making their own from scrach takes too many time (especially if it's only for someone requesting it, and they're already dedicate a lot of their free time to make mods).
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Updated first post. Provide a model, if possible. I will be cleaning up this thread eventually so don't be alarmed if your post seem to be hidden (because they are).

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I'm gonna do it a little different. If someone can make/find a model I'll make it into a mod.


Brand: Jeep 

Model: Grand Wagoneer SJ; Any, preferably 4 door

Year: 80's and early 90s














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My dad always called these dreadnauts, no idea what they are actually called.


But they can drive on their wheels or walk on their hydraulic legs like a spider. They can climb up 70º slopes. All around badass machines. 



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Hello guys, today I am asking for someone to please make this early 2000s Red 3500 Duramax. I do not quite know the year because I seen it in a video on youtube of a guy pulling a semi with it. Then I noticed we don't yet have this body style of the sliverado, so now i'm here asking if someone could please make it. Thanks


Heres the link to the video if you want to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rCU6rWKVy8



Thanks again!


Please use the 'Mod Requests' topic for mod requests - PressureLine




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- Brand: Ford/Troller (Brazil)
- Model: Troller T4 (Brazilian Model)
- Year: 2002-2014 (almost the same car)
- Tuning: I was thinking in it stock/original, or with some offroad accessories... But if you already have an offroad model as base, It could be tuned for heavy offroad, you can choice the type
- 3d model: If you guys want, I have already modeled it with blender (.obj/.mtl), almost finished, just missing some details, so if you get interested at this, I can send it to you as you want...(I have an 2010, but the year doesn't matters I think)

- So, guys, If u could build it, I would be very thankful, really. This jeep is kind of a national symbol of offroad, it is strong and resistant... nothing compared to what you use there (heavy/monster trucks/jeeps) lol, but we like it too much and I'd appreciate it on spintires.
Finally, sorry for my "english", I am brazilian, so it's poor. And congratulations for you work guys, your mods are spetacular, wonderful jeeps. Someday I'd build nice mods for spintires as you, I wish. lol 




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Brand: Toyota

Model: Hilux

Year: 1988-1997

Tuning: Mud truck please


Only maybe put a rollcage on it and an addon for a toolbox on the back


The reason I want this is because my Dad used to own one and I loved it, it had a massive bullbar and a rollcage and lifted, it was a fixer upper however as the back tray had been made out of wood (by my Dad) and the cab was mainly blue with green doors and rust everywhere

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