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[Guide] How to ask for help.

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Have a question about Spintires modding?

Before you do anything else, take a look at Tattoo's link topic which has information and answers on almost all of the common questions that arise while making or editing SpinTires mods.
Otherwise questions will fall into two general categories:

  • Basic program usage questions
  • Spintires specific questions

Regarding 'basic usage' questions, I do not feel it is worth the time it will take to write guides and tutorials for simple questions like "How to reduce polycount in 3dsmax?" or "How to recolor an image in GIMP?" when there are thousands of tutorials already out there, just a google search away. At some point someone may make a list of 'basic use' tutorials for the common programs used in SpinTires modding, but for now a quick google search is your best bet.
When asking SpinTires specific questions (assuming it hasn't already been answered) remember these guidelines:

  • Be polite. People are more likely to respond positively to someone who posts in a respectful manner.
  • Include screenshots, videos (if posting a video a text note explaining when in the issue appears will probably be required) or text in "[co de] [/co de]" blocks to help explain the issue.
  • Make your questions specific to a single issue. Vague questions get vague answers.
  • If it is a new issue, or one only just related to an existing issue, do not hijack a topic to ask your question.
  • Do not hijack mod-makers threads with requests for help with modding or with installing mods (unless some part of their instructions/description is incorrect)
  • Do not beg someone to do it for you, you'll actually learn a lot more from doing it yourself.
  • Do not PM people with questions unless: 1) they have said it is ok to, or 2) your question is directly related to something they have released, ie: asking for permission to use models, sounds, textures etc.

When answering questions remember to be polite. People are more likely to respond positively to someone who posts in a respectful manner. If someone is being rude or disruptive: Report, don't retaliate. And remember you always have the option of not posting a reply if you don't feel like the question is worth answering.

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