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SID Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender 110

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File Name: SID Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender 110

File Submitter: SID

File Submitted: 18 Apr 2015

File Category: New Vehicles



SID Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender 110








- Back-Up your Media Folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Spintires\Media

- Unpack Zip File into game Media folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Spintires\Media

- This mod will replace the Uaz

- To uninstall, simply delete Media folder and replace with the back-up you made


Original 3D model - Sketch up


Major mesh changes and everything else by SID


Wheels and tires by BruteTerror


Original engine sounds by Rizqi and edited by SID


Thanks to Hein for the test drive and shake down. Your imput is always valued



Please visit SID Performance Off Road to check out all of my past and current builds.



Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel




Thanks to TC9700Gaming for the video reveal



Click here to download this file

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hey spun i am wondering how you do multiplayer with tomcat and brute whith mods luv your vehicles and love to watch you play with tc and brute keep it up thanks.

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I bought this game just for this truck. I'm a real life rover enthusiast and offroad here in the Pacific Northwest.


I have a couple of questions, first off the truck is amazing and works great, but I can't switch to the cabin view no matter what I do, I saw this mod advertised somewhere showing the in cabin view. After an hour of playing I had to stop as the camera was making me nauseous, I've played games for years, aviation to FPS to sailing ships and this is the first game that's ever made me sick. 


So my questions are, if the cabin view is built in how do I switch to it?

If not is there a full game camera mod? All I've seen is the legacy mod and I tried that but then I couldn't get the CT Defender to work with legacy.


Help  :unsure:

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