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brutes gooseneck trailer glitch

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Yeah, I've had trouble with the ramps. Instead, I just added a bunch of winch points to the log trailer. I like using it to haul cars because the bars keep the vehicle in place. It's a little too narrow for big trucks. 

do you know how to edit XML's? add these to the log trailer to give you some more options. It adds a few winch points in the middle of the air so you can winch your truck onto the trailer. It also has one on the gooseneck part and on the deck so you can cinch trucks down with the winch while towing.

<WinchSocket Offset="(-7; 5; 0)" />
<WinchSocket Offset="(-5; 5; 0)" />
<WinchSocket Offset="(2.479; 1.874; 0)" />
<WinchSocket Offset="(2.479; 5; 0)" />

Just put those right under the existing winchsockets and you're good to go!
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Yeah he was having computer problems as well. He did get that problem solved so he might have a stronger presence here soon.


That is great news :) !  are you guys talking about the one that comes with Brutes f350 ?

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Brute thinks he fixed it. Try re-downloading it if you have an older version.

I just tried v1.1 of it and it's still wigging out when driving past it. It seems to be a problem with the ramps because they open and close when driving past it with a different vehicle.

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Hey fellas, hope y'all don't mind me digging up an older thread, but can anyone explain why I may be unable to drop the anchors and ramps on the gooseneck trailer?  I click on the links as I've seen Sid, TC, etc. do, but it doesn't work for me.




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