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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, first post and last post. Just wanted to say thanks to the developers for listening to my idea of the chernobyl DLC. I really can't wait till you put on the xbox one! Thanks again! Much love
  2. Hey guys, I have 38 hours in spintires, so I know the game used to work, i was fiddling with modding and such and suddenly whenever I open up the game it says ' game files missing, please re install the game'.. In seeing this, I did what i was told, but the same thing came up after deleting the local files, i have done this at least 10 times so far and I am still seeing the same error code,... Any ideas?
  3. Hello guy, So the editor crashes when I try to use new materials other then the mtrl_base.dds, and mtrl_forest.dds materials are set to; grass to dirt mtrl_base.dds works fine forest to dirt mtrl_forest.dds works fine beach to dirt mtrl_beach.dds dose not work crashes editor what I am I doing something wrong or is there a fix or is this a bug? Thanks, Quake513
  4. There has been many small updates but there hasn't been any official word in the dev blog since April, which is a long considering they promised big things to come. In my eyes it seems like Pavel is still working on the game as there are still small updates but the lead devs have just given up and abandoned the game. If someones knows why the last word was back in April and nothing has happened since, please share as i thoroughly enjoy this game.
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