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  1. We're approaching the two years mark on this game and apart from a few (well placed otherwise) improvements the basic game is pretty much the same. I could perhaps understand some delays during the earlier months when the game was more successful than Oovee could have imagined and they were a very small team but why they couldn't profit from this game's popularity is baffling to all of us. Despite our bickering we seem to be a pretty loyal fan-base because a lot of the criticism received is because we want more and we are still here after all this time. It's a shame really and very difficult to understand. The very slow progress indicates either a lack of resources (time, manpower) or willpower or simply that the game has been programmed in such a way that even a simple fix would mean re-engineering vast portions of the code. This latest announcement while still being good news, does nothing to address the fact that we're still waiting on the next update, which was announced two months ago. Even if the pace at which the game is improved and developed does not quicken, more frequent updates would help Oovee immesely. We can understand that sometimes plans they don't go smoothly and delays happen. We can understand that and we can appreciate being in the loop about it. But I think we're starting to wonder whether there are any plans at all...
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