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  1. Disregarding ground resistance slowing the truck down, the speed of a wheel is given by the engine RPM + the gear ratio of the gear we're in. Yes, there's also the differential gearing and potential gearing in the wheel hubs but we'll disregard them as they're constant and not relevant for our example here. If in a given gear the truck has reached maximum engine RPM while traveling on the ground and suddenly one wheel looses traction - that wheel cannot spin faster than the rest. Because the gear ratio between the engine and the wheel didn't change and the engine was already at max RPM.
  2. I've also noticed that with the latest patch the trailers seem to slow down the trucks more than expected. Some, like the medium log cart even have wheels skipping across the mud (on dry mud and pavement it's fine) as if they had brakes on just enough to stop the wheels unless they have full traction. It's a subtle effect and it's not always there, but I definitely didn't notice this before.
  3. There's a patch coming soon (could still take days, though) for some of the more urgent issues. Then we'll be looking at 1.6.3 for the rest of the issues. Yes, progress is very slow and outside of Discord there's not much communication but this game hasn't been abandoned... yet.
  4. I think the new issues will be ironed out, they just need more time. The Sherp DLC needed to make it out in July as was announced and not enough time was given to check all changes. Spintires now theoretically has enough elements to make it challenging and fun and better than MudRunner. Practically, however, if they don't fix these latest issues to bring it to full potential (and in fact it's kinda broken now) I really don't think they'll be able to sell another DLC for it. We all understand that as a business Oovee needs a constant income and thus to sell games and DLC. But w
  5. While I'm definitely liking the new DLC and the new features I did notice some issues with how vehicles control now in terms of steering and acceleration/braking. Maybe some of this was also happening in earlier patches but it's more pronounced now. In short there is a noticeable difference in how quick vehicles accelerate/brake and steer with a controller versus a keyboard. In general via a controller (Xbox One S controller by Microsoft) all actions happen much more quickly giving vehicles an unnaturally abrupt response to inputs. Bracking is the most abrupt of all, usually stoppi
  6. We're approaching the two years mark on this game and apart from a few (well placed otherwise) improvements the basic game is pretty much the same. I could perhaps understand some delays during the earlier months when the game was more successful than Oovee could have imagined and they were a very small team but why they couldn't profit from this game's popularity is baffling to all of us. Despite our bickering we seem to be a pretty loyal fan-base because a lot of the criticism received is because we want more and we are still here after all this time. It's a shame really and very dif
  7. I do like the cabin idea, but with the tornadoes it would be easier to randomize their location to keep things interesting every time a new map is started. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a special cabin that when found provides additional map data such as markers where rivers could be easily crossed.
  8. Hello all. I'd like to chimme in with a few (new) observations / propositions: Cosmetic improvements: - drive shafts and axles should spin as the vehicles move; - exhausts should cause bubbles / ripples when underwater; - better textures for the B-130 truck (the current ones are of lower quality than those on the other trucks and have visible seams between them). - better textures for rocks and cliffs (current ones are a bit low res). Gameplay improvements: - have an Equipment Depot building that needs finding and unlocking and which provides to visiting vehicles special att
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