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  1. Lets break this down a bit. A great comeback? Where might that be? Is there a functional and working editor? Is there workshop support? There is an entire laundry list of issues with this game that have driven most of the old players and modders away. Mudrunner has not been abandoned in any fashion. The forums there stay active. The game moves forward albeit with issues that are addressed even if it takes time. They are like every single game / publisher these days with their dlc's and such. I am not a fan of that model at all but that's today's publishers it seems. 2020, meh, just a
  2. Why? Simple really. I was willing to move all downloads over to my site. Got a minimal generic response but never heard back. It has always been that way with this publisher. I guess Mudrunner is where its at. Seems Pavel was correct in his assessment wasn't he...
  3. Well, I am bumping this just in case it was missed. Is it worth archiving these files? I have the hosting space so not worried about that. Just offering one last time.
  4. I am going to refer to the post located at the image / link below. This forum software is causing issues but my question is how popular and how often are these files downloaded? I would be happy to take the hosting over but only if it is used. Lets have a conversation on this.
  5. I agree the option should be there to shut them off but in the real world beacons are electrically operated from batteries so they would flash for a lengthy time after shutdown. Unless I'm not understanding the beacons you are referring to.
  6. We are pushing toward a month since the start of this post. This is all well and good but there needs to be action, not talk. We have seen story after story yet even now there has been nothing provided other than speculation and words. Where are the updates? Where are the things that are different than all the promises we heard before? I want to believe we have turned a corner here, I really do, since my hopes are to see this game become great. The potential is there but but as in the past, promises do not equal improvement. Give us something tangible. I wanted to add, I won't
  7. I am so damn confused here. I have stuck around in the background to see what happens once the dust settles. Will there be / is there workshop integration? Sorry but have not taken the time to look. Should I be playing the game as is; should I look to mods, beta, or otherwise? Where does the editor stand at this point? I hate the new Invision format on the forums... Just do not like the format to view new posts but that is a different topic. Nice to see things moving forward.
  8. Requested to view your gameplay and it was refused so no thanks.
  9. With the onset of a new game I wanted to kill some time messing with a new map. It has been a very long time... So I can get things the way I want for the most part but I am stuck on the trucks. I can place them but I have a few questions if anyone can help refresh an old mans memory. In the above image I seem to be able to get the addons ok but not sure if I am adding them correctly. They seem to work. The wheels set I have no idea what I should have there if anything and if so how or what. I don't usually alter the wheels / tires but would like to present options. Lastly, the tra
  10. I feel it's good news but some trust needs to be earned back in my opinion. Many including myself are angry or saddened over so many broken promises and then tbe dead silence from the people most able to provide answers. For 16 months give or take. I added it to my cart and the discount appears correct but not sure I have 13 dollars worth of trust. For me I think I need to wait and see what direction things go.
  11. I have the Facebook warning but it says i can upload. Did not actually try to upload a file though.
  12. Can I say b.ull.**** here? If so then I will say this. It is clear that Pavel and Oovee by default have screwed their customers. Yes, I know, we had some form of a playable and mod-able game and I am fine with that. However, if you are going to feed the community a constant influx of bull*sh*it and lies then do it up front instead of the smoke and mirrors approach. I could go further in some ranting tone but why bother? I don't have the knowledge or ability to do anything better or anything about the game as far as code. Just my thoughts on this. I was and am willing to host any and all maps,
  13. Been about a month since this thread was started so maybe a monthly thread for old times sake.... 8-)
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