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  1. Aiming to get this done by Christmas for you chaps so far we've got. -Bridge and Tree Physics -Pitch Black rainy nights (mud not affected at this time unfortunately) -Extremely foggy Mornings and evenings with clear days in between -Reworked environmental sound effects (you can hear some in the video above) -New & Reworked Textures -New Mud & Water physics config for more difficulty & sploosh -F1 Trail Maps with Graded Routes -Modified ZiL & Kamaz Support trucks Currently trying to keep everything in line with the beta next update, so theres much fixing to be done along th
  2. Both these have been suggested already chaps, link to and discuss that post further if you so wish, more realism is obviously in demand somewhat
  3. You see a log trailer... I see a bridge building trailer
  4. I hate to rain on your parade... Ahh who am I kidding.
  5. Nah no enlargements as such buddy. The new features done in the patch were things like the mud puddles, areas with twigs some slops were reworked and little things like that, difficult to see at a glance but the more you go off the beaten track the more noticeable it is. So by driving around these lovely lil lanes one can be quite entertained for quite some time, within a very small space. I'ts just there's not really much point or objective to doing that except to pootle around. So we're giving that objective
  6. Exactly this, the world becomes a lot smaller, you'll find that using the Landy you'll be feeling around for the ideal line an awful lot more than you will in the big trucks and driving places they physically cannot reach. After learning the pen tool in photoshop (started with paint.net) I'm working on making the routemaps a lot more professional and quality looking, they become very complex very quickly. There's folk who are kindly driving every line that is physically possible and some that are not and providing me with Scout maps of what they've done. Using this I'm able to create int
  7. I hear ya on the spacing good buddy. Initially I wanted to organise them into 3 columns or a table, its the empty space to the sides that makes it all unpleasant to the eye. I've tried every bit of bbcode, ipboard stuff and html to try and make this happen but no luck any ideas? or... Suggestions? *badum Tish*
  8. OP re-ordered and organised by catagory, newest suggestions added. Lemme know if you guys would like any changes or additions to the catagories and whatnot.
  9. Just in addition I'll quite happily keep updating the index of suggestions in the OP of this thread with all relevant links etc. to keep stuff easy to read through. Quickly becomes a mess of pages otherwise and I think the list of all of them together gives a good impression of what the community is leaning towards at a glance Would you chaps rather I grouped the index by catagory or keep suggestions grouped by Author
  10. I think I know the problem you're referring too buddy and I must say that is good news! Hopped into the beta with krisjay to see how the last build is working and everything still functions well. With the added bonus now that cloaks being removed as you drive over them may well assist me with the problem I've been having with getting routemaps incorporated into the game.
  11. Still live and kicking my dear fellow! As Flanna said, all good things take time. Tis like a house of cards unfortunately and some things take longer than others to get done and till they're complete we can't move on with other aspects of the mod. We're still breathing though so fear not
  12. Who else feels impatient? Me too So Krisjay had this marvellous idea... Whilst we await the completion of various Camel trophy vehicle variants being adapted for inclusion into the mod we think it would be a good idea to include the physics and realism changes along with the UI updates for a realism mod in the camel trophy vein. Route tracking, leaderboards and scoring etc wont be implemented but we should be able to get something together that'll make a fun experience for driving the UAZ. Possible I could include some 'lite' alpha versions of the routemaps and nav system in singleplayer
  13. Apologies there haven't been many posts lately folks. Have hit a bit of a snag in terms of getting the maps to be used kitted out onto the landrovers, lacking a model that we can mess with to fit maps too and include in the mod. Since modelling vehicles takes a while (and I'm no good at modelling) we're just on a bit of a hold until the new rangerover is completed or something else turns up Muchous Gracias for all the patience folks, as I've said, any help with modelling is more than welcome
  14. I'd like flags & fireworks that explode to say "Made By Brute" also
  15. I like that idea too Brute, makes it rather personal What I was referring to is when we have a vehicle included in the camel trophy mod, it would be nice to have the makers names on the license plates, lil sponsorships stickers with the mod makers website addresses on and stuff like that plastered all over the car and whatnot, just to give recognition to the folk who made that particular vehicle and allowed us to use and customize it for the Camel Trophy Mod. Like you see here on the Disco the lil sponsor logos and stuff in the back window, I'd really like to see the names of you
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