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  1. hey brute is that your Peterbilt-379-Bw in blackwaters new map just played with it and its awesome.how come its not on this site yet?
  2. Great work man maybe we can load up the kuzov dumper with it and do a pretend job and dump it on one of the rivers
  3. how's the bounce on this on the other raptor it had minor bounce and I managed to fix it.
  4. This is looking great SID man your on to it
  5. have you tryed making one of these?
  6. will you be modding any trucks like kenworth peterbilt?
  7. Nice I will add this link to my fav
  8. Great work SID hope we get to drive this beast soon
  9. that would be awesome can you upload the sound so I can use it on my other trucks??
  10. very good texturing SID can't wait to drive this
  11. Great work man keep it up will you be adding its own sounds to go with the truck and are you adding silver skin?
  12. very nice looking truck SID been waiting for a while for one to be made.
  13. you can also try the tatra 8x8 from spintires.nl it has rescue carrage it also has lock that pops up to keep the jeep from moving it also carry other medium trucks.but if you know how to edit the trucks .xmls you can add different addons.
  14. do you have the download link for the truck and trailer?
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