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  1. I definitely support the idea of some progression feeling and unlock system for the game .. this is another good idea to make an unlock appear in our garage, but still should be only able to be bought by some ingame currency. So yes, i would love that
  2. They want to release an update in the first half of july .. i think, we could have the the patch till the end of this month .. maybe be sometime in august
  3. There is a mod on these forums, which increase the amount of logs needed to be manualy loaded before being able to "change" them to a deliveryable logs if you are interested
  4. Actually, you need 2 long logs to make a full load of long logs, 3 of medium for full medium and 6 (or 5?) of short logs to make a full load of short logs
  5. So i managed to reinstall OS to my old Seagate HDD .. i forgot how slow these things are compared to SSD
  6. When i saw the title of this topic, i thought, someone has created AI for the game ..
  7. So its a bug related to Slovak language - http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/6986-slovak-language/ Je to bug, ktorý bol už nahlásený. Pridaj reakciu do toho topicu, ktorý som pridal ako link
  8. What language are you using in the game? Try to run this launcher and let us know the outcome - http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/6345-spintires-launcher/
  9. Procedural map generation needs pretty much more of a game code to be written, than its done right now ... how much coders they have? One? ......... Really great idea
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