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  1. You should have taken the red pill...
  2. Spintires in real life. Cockpit view in UAZ (warning music is a little loud):
  3. At first I thought it was the real deal, but it sort of is real. Change the sound to some engine noises and would not tell the difference in some parts. Great video:
  4. Took some pictures of Land Rover Series II soft top. This looks like used by military some time ago. I'm giving just some pictures for insight. Rest of the pics in the link: http://imgur.com/BieWKbR,ua7Xr7s,fSti1aA,0fuOtZj,hEKbwKW,Ikq85HD,KyczCYj,GcmbBFT,EdLo2fh,HMZM8TW,hVUodh7#0 Sorry no mud again
  5. Saw this during a recent walk. Got excited and forgot to video it. Sort of European Spintires but not much mud though:
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