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  1. So for me logging is fun when i have to pass pretty difficult serpentines or small bridges with a big truck. i also like difficult inclines ans something like death roads near the cliff. i hope that helps a little bit...... Looking forward to your new map man, your work is always great.
  2. yeahaaa, that looks amazing. Great work man. What about the unimog? Any release date planned ? Keep up your awesome modding work man!!!!
  3. Hi Zidon, i saw this perfect but old mod of you, an Y60 Nissan patrol. Is there any chance for us to make you convert it and make it playable in the new spintires version? I just loved that mod back in the days and would be pretty happy if you could do this for me / us I opened up a new thread just for a chance to bring this patrol back Thx for a reply.
  4. Thank you Stellyan for the link to the other Patrol, but the old mod is fair more detailed and realistic. Is there any chance that Zidon will ever update the old Patrol mod?
  5. I just watched some old Spintires Videos on Youtube and guess what i found, many many videos of a very nice Nissan Patrol Y60 Mod for the early Version of Spintires. My question now is, is there someone in the modder community who is able to convert this old mod to the new "standards" of spintires or is even able to bring it to the steam workshop? i don't know who is the original mod maker who made this Patrol mod but for now i am missing a mod like this for the actual Spintires game. So, perhaps someone of you genius modders can help me / us out? Thanks guys.
  6. Hey spun, what happened to the Kaiser Jeep?? Any news or maybe a planed release date? Is Brute now working on it? Thanks for reply.
  7. This truck will be absolutely stunning. I am looking forward for the textures of the body and, in my mind a game changer towards realism, SOLID axles. This will make it a totally different experience. Hope to see this truck on the trails soon! Maniac, absolute amazing work man!!!!
  8. OMG very nice project. Hopefully with addons for log transport or a nice trailer for logging Can't wait for that one! Keep up your amazing work Bregel!
  9. I'd like to test this map too. So if you are interested let me know
  10. GREASE!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??????????? WE NEED YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. He Serious, in the meanwhile, did you find some time to do some work on the Kaiser Jeep? It would be too nice to see some, even little, progress on that truck Thanks for letting me know.
  12. No problem bro, this here is still spare time fun, not real life business. Keep your focus on your new job wish you success and all the best for the new start. But of course still hoping to see this jeep in the game some day
  13. Man that looks pretty awesome!!!!!! i can clearly see this beast on the trails already, maybe some details here and there and, for me the most important thing, nice textures and this jeep will be absolutely stunning. I hope you find a job fast man, maybe the community could donate some coins for you in the meantime
  14. Very nice to see this. What polycount do you think will the complete mod have? Any expectations?
  15. Looking pretty nice Serious, good to see the progress keeps on going Thumps up!!!!
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