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  1. hello, great news they finally released the map editor, i've been waiting long for that! has anyone had any success in importing a height map? i can't figure out how to do that, but there must be a way somehow.
  2. i actually like plains the most because to me it looks more like i imagine siberia to look like and more realistic than the others. besides there is a large space without premade paths where you can create your own trails, thats very nice.
  3. that happens on other maps as well and it has been reported before. i am pretty sure they are aware of this, but keep in mind they are very busy due to all the requests and reports so they can't respond to every thread individually.
  4. can't wait for the map, it looks absolutely awesome.
  5. first of all, thanks for putting this up for discussion! i think ultimately it would be best to have more than one camera and for them to be customizable to a certain extent. actually i like the camera as it is, except that in some situations it can be a real pita to move to the right position to see something, especially when winching or using the crane. being able to switch between left and right and zooming out far more than is possible now would already be a major improvement.
  6. yes that is true, but go ahead and try to drive/walk trough a dark wood at night with no light at all, if there is no bright moonlight to help you then you can't see an inch in front of you. it is very nice that the brightness of the environment changes when you toggle your lights, because that enhances realism. but aside from it is so bright at night that you actually are better of with the lights off and thats not realistic...
  7. they should definately change how the night looks in game...at the moment it makes more sense to drive with the lights off than with the lights on...
  8. i'm surprised if he doesn't knock anything over with the load so far out of the back.
  9. i'm ok with the muddy roads, but i think at least places like the garages and fuel stations should not have a huge deep bog right in front of them for realisms sake. by now i need to pull the uaz, zil and kamaz into the fuel station with the maz on the river map. also the top left garage is inaccessible for most trucks now and even the space right in front of the garage is a huge mudpit.
  10. i usually only drive according to these: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/625-spin-tires-full-game-jpeg-maps/ i only use the F1 view to switch between trucks.
  11. wow" the devs should put this into hardcore mode to make it even more of a challenge!
  12. oh right...now i remeber actually having done this before... thank you!
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