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  1. Was not going to at first but i will for sake of fun.. Otto je bent een lief manneke maar je hebt het mis. I'll continue in English. " but they weren't a completely innocent party either. They always ignored serious problems with how Oovee addressed things and game breaking bugs" <-- The task of moderators on any forum is to take care of the forum. We, moderators, are not responsible for game breaking bugs. We did report them to Oovee but apparently that was not heard or ignored. And we did ignore serious problems if by that you mean know-it-all users who always seem to know best, yes
  2. http://spintires.nl/level-west-fork-canyon/
  3. I've alerted the server administrator. They are looking into the problem. Thanks for the heads up people, you can stop sending me email/skype/personal forum messages and smoke signals
  4. We are working on restoring the download area to its proper functioning again.
  5. Im really jealous now VM.. congratulations on getting your new truck. Looks awesome.
  6. I'm done. No i dont keep my hopes up because i get a good job reference. Im a sysadmin so i got nothing to gain by performing well on this forum. No i do not get paid to do it either. I'm am or was just trying to be a nice guy despite all the radio silence from Oovee. A radio silence that has its reasons believe it or not. But like i said on the first sentence. I'm done. If people start to distrust the messages i post then i'm done. I still enjoy playing the game on a daily basis and look forward to what is coming but as for keeping up hope here well.. i will not be doing that an
  7. WrenchinMonkey latest map has gems like this on it.. really good fun!
  8. Yes because freedom can only be gained at gun point...
  9. Yeah i know its sketchy at best from your pov. I have no doubt in my mind it looks like the way your described it, very accurately i might add . To the best of my knowledge the game is not dead.
  10. To stop any doomsday preachers, looking at you Daniel, the update was a tweak to the Exe which should take care of the amount of work memory St can use. Nothing serious or end off the world as we know it stuff.
  11. http://spintires.nl/test-drive-land-crusher-bc/ Some more pics of a truly awesome trail beast.
  12. Sorry Zidon but i moved all of the real life stuff here: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/13236-zidons-rambling/ I appreciate you making us all jealous with your precious Discovery but you may continue doing that in the off-topic section.
  13. No clue but next time don't hijack another topic please.
  14. Know for running companies into the ground? Like which ones? Got prove? It is one thing to start ranting but it be better if you got some facts to backup your statements. And even if he did so what? I know of several other people who have run businesses into the ground, often unwillingly. I know at least one who has deliberatly done so and now look who's president of the US of A . Yes it would be a minimal effort to keep the community involved and informed but there are some actions going on behind the scenes that have forced them, Oovee staff, to maintain radio silence. Not too worry, th
  15. Someone earned himself some bench time. Not saying who but suffice it to say it is someone who seems to think he can be rude in pm and then complain and cry when i anwer in kind in public after he does not respond to my pm. Topic closed. No need for further commenting on this matter. And as they say at Wallmart; Have a nice day!
  16. There ain't no fight Austin. Just me getting my opinion heard on this matter. Still no response on here or via pm. Pity.
  17. It is yep. Depends on a so called third party, but yes a big update is coming.
  18. So I get this pm accusing me of second rate service. All because I logged in for about 5 minutes or so DURING the Christmas festivities at home with my family. And I forgot to click on approve when I looked briefly at your new map Planz. And then you forget to reply to my pm response? So here is my public response: So you are a investment manager hotshot in the US of A? I'm in awe. Really am. No doubt a investment manager is beyond the common people who do tend to forget to do something. No doubt a investment manager would have clicked Ok on a unapproved upload after first downloading it t
  19. Had to ditch the camper trailer but what a epic combination. The Landcruiser VX on Terra Verde.
  20. Driving on Panymoles until dark
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